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Life changing level 5 experience

The color, the shape, and the entity

Disclaimer: My first level five experience was a time in my past where I was naive and misunderstood the power of psychedelics.  If you decide on using such substances, take caution and have a good set and setting to take psychedelics in order to have a safe experience.


I had taken LSD a few times before I had any experience with mushrooms.  I had incredible, life changing experiences on the substance that generally came through the mediums of egoless thought and open eyed visual distortions, ranging from wavy objects to color saturation.  Although I had these moments on LSD, I would later learn how they pale in comparison to the power of a level 5 mushroom experience.  Furthermore, I've found that mushrooms, despite their power, seem to have a much healthier mental and physical effect on you than LSD, as far as I have experienced.

The thing is, I had taken LSD enough times that I thought I had grown used to the psychedelic experience.  So after trying roughly 3 grams of mushrooms and feeling the slightest of effects and after reading anecdotal evidence on this very forum, I decided that a dose of 6.5 grams would suffice.  Little did I know, I had only scratched the surface of the psychedelic experience, and would be shot into a trip beyond anything I could have imagined.

I took the dose moments before attending a family dinner, partially because I was a stupid kid, and partly because I calculated that my "psychedelic tolerance" would allow me to play it cool for the 20 minutes I was in my dining room.

Only 10 minutes into the dinner, I was feeling a come up so strong that I needed to leave the dinner table or I would risk being caught.  I rushed to the bathroom because my stomach was churning and I knew I could not handle myself in front of my family.  My entire body, but particularly my brain felt as if it were vibrating, and my senses were more precise than ever.  However, I was extremely paranoid and was having somewhat of a panic attack, breathing sharply and deeply.

I knew I needed to calm down.  I turned off the lights, thinking I could focus on calming myself.  The thing about taking the heroic dose of shrooms is that you do not ground yourself while you are in the dark: You get shot into another dimension.  I began to see entities that I would describe as people without clothing and hair, radiating neon from their skin.  These people reached out to me to show me the they were of a dimension that was at least as directional as the third dimension.  Although it is impossible for me to tell if these beings were simply hallucinations or if I made contact with beings from other dimensions, I know this: These images felt more real than the current reality that I am living in, as ridiculous as that sounds.  The entities were made of colors more saturated than any color I had seen in the real world previously.  It was as if they were made of pure energy and vibrance.

Well so I was freaking the f*ck out as you may be able to infer.  I had seen people from another dimension in the bathroom and I had only experienced about 20 minutes of my trip at this point.  I was in for a ride.

I was gone so long from the dinner table that my parents grew suspicious.  I quickly told them that I was feeling sick and needed to lay down and left to go upstairs.  I laid on a couch alone while my girlfriend, who was trip sitting me, stayed at the dinner with my parents to make everything seem normal.  I stayed curled up in terror for ten minutes, but the psilocybin made me feel like I was waiting for at least an hour.  I was scared to my bones.

For any folk wanting to attempt one of these level 5 experiences: I cannot express enough the importance of having a trip sitter.  When my girlfriend came to check on me and comforted me, my whole body was filled with her good vibes and love and my energy completely changed.  I began experiencing a "high" that felt strikingly similar to the high received from releasing endorphins: It felt natural and exhilarating.  I laid on the couch for about an hour, eyes closed, seeing visions of the most clear and gorgeous saturation, mostly composed of neon geometric shapes that morphed and changed colors to the Tame Impala that I was listening to.  It was as if the spirit of the mushroom had scared me to show her true power and connection to the universe, but forgave me for my naivety and took me into her arms.  It was pure bliss.

At one point I got up and needed to go to the bathroom.  During this short trip, I experienced synesthesia for the first time, smelling the green paint on the wall as if it were grass in spring time, and smelling the gold light in the room as if it were cold and metallic, a sensation I could never truly describe with words.  I then flushed the toilet, and as the water went down the drain, I had gorgeous, echoey auditory hallucinations that made me think that the sound of the toilet was the best thing that I had ever heard.

I then looked at a picture of a valley with a lake, trees, and clouds, and the picture came to life.  The clouds rolled in, the grass and trees swayed in the wind... The picture and my world were one.

This was the first of many other incredible psychedelic experiences that I would have in the years to come.  This is only the beginning of my storytelling on the mushroom experience and all that may come with it.

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