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mushrooms flashback paradims

life lines

after doing 4 months in a county jail i experienced a couple day halusinations due to the lack of stimulation and antisocial behavior i found myself drawing to pass the time and ovoiding people and emotion currents that come with the celly change. i must back track for this to make sense prior to this i had done two months in a corectianal faciality which more like a camp in housing  syle and labor apon relese i missed my bus and ending up walking about 20 mile home in which i ecperianced my first flashback with was a shift in the road about two inches to the left about three quarters the way home as i continued the ponder enter and soon the phycosis after which i began aditory illusination on my release out the jail van to the city i ran into a black cat handing me a half dead shot bird around 10 11 o clock leading to the walk home and there in the road shift leading my mind to consider magic now accepting as pycosis after ariving home pycosis in full spin i was convinced by birds i was gonna be murdered in whitch i attempted to prepare for the worst and grabbed a screw driver over powered by my rationallity i held back and ended stting in a car and being tazzed two times after whitch i was tooking to the er over a black out and "frontal lobe injury' prior to the road shift hallutionion i had seen a time flutter hand movement on i wanna say my fourth shroom experiance but before that trip to suttle to even say i did shrooms even on a high dosage nothing but fuzzy bright vision and stomach ache from the bad taste note i did crush them down after 2 minute in i waited for aliens but no visuals more a drug induced belif but this was on another level with no stimulants after going to jail second time in i began diving deeper in my dream states dream regularly every night i belive this was due to the lack of items and lack of 'plessure releses' 
i recall a day dream of a living fly inside of my eye and me keeping my eyes closed not to lose this hullisiation in the same week i had seen birds disapier in flight after losing my mind considering the posibillity of a multiverse and this as proof left me to understand that the secrets that death holds in the traslations of the dream scapes or the minds eye the brain as electrical current and memorys ahared in the hive mind of the vacume of space and the infinate all connected solution as any pysconaut has experianced the stars and the neurons on a past salvia phyco bable talk from highschool celebration trip now aware of life lines mixing a death trip de ja vu im left to understand i know nothing of the mind it is an empty persuit the train goes chu chu and your reality maps hold your perseption the people places and petterns formed just as the people you know can seem very aliens to you on weed every drug changes the way you life lines are connected we are contantly connecected and communicating reactions off reactions in an infinate loop we are not in control we are merly left to make choices of stumuli if i extract the electrical current of a fly and create a reverse electrical current to swap to flys with out its memory and only it mind eye do any phylisopiacl implacations matter if i swap you from my minds eye to yours and lower the level of past experiance only to experiance somthing new does anything matter 
now that u have self identifyied i raised a question as a child did u have any memorable nightmares

dream entietys 
meditating pixal man

in the transtion of a four scene dream after asking my friend if he as in a cult i apeered back in my cell seeing a floating monk pixalating and experiancing sleep paralisis having to terror murmor for my bunkie to wake me 

one month later a similler dream with a train ride seeing a little girl to side of me and then going blind reaching out to touch her face to being pulled to black out dream of some pycopathic witchcraft sex almost being in another human with full contact stimulation 

after lack of any reward the brain goes to full puzzle solve only leading to meditating pixal man among any other name 
the idea is very basic a dream enigma in the traslation of death 

i feel i have only touched the surface of these halusinative phonomina or black magic even noting at the time i was drawing strange drawing trying to drive the dream energy almost communicating
with an unknown as a member of the graffiti comuniti i decoratioted many walls with coolaid pensil wall drawings inviting meditating pixal man

also noted confermation to unknown, after stomping out the shot bird. my first cell had a black bird drawn on the wall with an erase on it side the place i was destined to visit


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