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cat-sized spirits on the trail

I took about 4 grams and was steadily trippin by the time I started walking to Tyrones house.

I took about 4 grams and was steadily trippin by the time I started walking to Tyrones house. When I made it to the dark trail I could see pitch black spirits in my peripheral vision gliding beside me and above me. But as soon as I premeditatedly darted my eyes towards the exact spot where I knew I saw one of them, it would instantly disappear, as if it new the exact millisecond that I would look or not look. I tried looking directly at them so many times but could only see them in my peripherals. Knowing they were evil I cursed them kind of in a humorous way, I think I said something like “you little fuckers, fuck off your scaring me”. It was definitely creepy when I first started noticing them. It was as if I was attracting them with my mind or being. Making them jealous because they weren’t me. I could sense that I wasn’t alone when I first felt their presence. There had to be about 14 or 15 of them altogether, each one about the size of a cat. I could only see them in the corner of my eyes, which kind of pissed me off. I couldn’t tell exactly what they were but I knew that they wanted to have some kind of impact on my life, and they did. The first one I noticed was when I was walking through the trees to get to the trail, it was dark and there was an orange streetlight up ahead. As I took a step with my left foot I could see something small, black, and quick dart a few paces ahead of mine. In my peripheral. Then again on my right side, and above. Each time I tried to look at one it had already vanished, but the second I focused on the trail it re-appeared. Their movements were distinct too, it was a swooping motion, even a pause, then a continuation of gliding. Accepting the fact that I couldn’t look directly at them I just kept walking, tripping out hoping that no evil force harm me. By this time I was seriously scared of you know “evil forces” because I was scared shitless. When I made it to tyrones I was so happy and so thankful to just be finally chillin with my friend, trippin on shrooms. I wasn’t scared anymore, and I didn’t even tell him about those lil fuckers. I still haven’t told anyone.
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