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Salvia Divinorum.

Spiraling down into self(ness)


Decided to try ~0,05g 20x salvia from a glass bong, at home on my sofa.
Tripping at my home with my love as a sitter.
We had couple beers and a little bit of herb earlier that day, nothing serious, just enough for a little buzz.

Trip, in my eyes

Took all in one hit, i started melting and was being pulled inside my throat. I put the bong on sofa-table and laydown quickly and close my eyes before i hit the sofa...
...I never hit the sofa, there is no sofa. Wtf? I fall, and keep falling. what a f....ugh.. from my throat, trough mouth emerges railroad-like thing.  i am falling falling and those railroad keeps coming out from my throat, is it my throat?
Suddenly i am going forward, as if i had been traveling forward all the time on this thing coming trough my mouth, as if i was monorail-like thing, going towards a skyblue station where i stand being unzipped in half: As if there was zipper going trough me, one half being brownish red and other half bright green. Everything is waxlike,i try to breath, swallow; Can't since i don't have a throat, i have-, or actually i am monorail standing on it's own station while traveling towards itself on a monorail which comes from its own mouth, traveling on itself towards itself, spiraling while being unzipped.
I am mixing with everything, everything is wax, i am wax, even air is wax.
Extremely peculiar feeling, -thing.

Hearing a radiating, soft voice saying, the only thing i remembered from everyday life, : "Everything is okay, it's okay...", while being taken care of, being embraced byt this radiating voice, watching over me while everything mentioned before is happening, as if it is something that must happen, and will happen, there is no stopping it, you can't fight it (, like trying to fight the space you occupy.)
I am both halves of myself, still connected even while being unzipped in half, unraveling zipper-tooth at a time.
I am totally, 100% accepted, loved and understood, radiating soft voice filling the place.
I stand on the station trying to remember who i am, i feel as if i had a life there, felt like i had memories of lived life, as if i belonged there. (Very hazy memory of this, won't try to go into details with this one.)

Suddenly, like blowing out a candle i was taken away from that place, "noooo, not yet, i don't want to go yet!",everything vanished into a memory, i was back: only smoke remained of the once bright candle.

"..Wtf, glass shards, what hapenned?.."

Trip, in the eyes of the sitter

He took a hit from a bong, he's sitting a while looking around a bit confused and eyes wide open. Then laid down on the sofa, not talking at all. I just sit calmly next to him.
Suddenly he comes rises sitting, and lays back again. He won't look into eyes. Things start to get a bit anxious, he is mumbling something to himself, i can't make anything of it.
i take gently hold of his legs that he wont kick stuff off the table, suddenly mumbling changes to screaming, fearful, terror induced screaming, rolling on his sides on the sofa.
i take hold of him and try to calm and prevent from, my strength is not enough to hold him down, he gets to stand up and he calms down but while doing so, a glass full of water breaksdown on the ground.
He is totally out of this world. Suddenly he looks at me, but he doesn't seem to see, or recognise me. Suddenly he rushes towards me, takes hold of me, tries to tell me something but can't make any sense of it.
I get a bit startled and move a bit further away, then he just lays back down on the sofa. I hear my name in midst the mumbling, i go closer and then he starts to crawl towards the other end of sofa, slowly sliding from the end of sofa to the floor.
I go after him, take his head to my arms and say "i don't know what you are saying, i can't make sense of you, but you are safe, i am here, i am not going anywhere, everything is all right love."
After a while i go to collect the glass shards. while collecting the shards, he gets up, i thought he was off the trip, but no: he was confused and a bit and still tripping, asking questions about the shards.
He seemed to get angry for nothing, was unreasonable, blaming me unreasonably for the broken glass, or not giving quick answers or explaining too much, asking questions.
After a while he said he is sorry for being such an ass after coming down, didn't know better

Next time we both know better :)

Post note(s):
Salvia is really strong, you should really have safe enviorment with nothing breakable, or anything that can harm you in anyway.
I would not trip alone with this one. Don't do it drunk, or heavy on any other substance, i don't think small buzz harms.
The whole thing was over in minutes, but felt completely different. Time and everything.

It's not a party drug! :)

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