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I was floating on a cloud inside my mind

love it

the CR green colorado green

gimme the 40, see what's on my mind. colorado green sticky icky icky, now hand me that vodka jaggerbomb slam, see wha's inside my mind. at ease chill out relax, hand me the bong. rip it so good i'm so way far gone.

shroomin in a dark green trans am firebird. chronic smoke fills the car inside. Jason Edward screams elatedly, it's all about connections! chronic smoke mushrooms psylocybin, college campus, University of Northern Colorado bend your mind, feel the ecstasy night. the purple black night sky moon so shimmering glow. Mushrooms psylocybin mystifyin my mind eye spyin silver electric shine touch the car, feel the smooth mystery of metal glossy. trippin so good, mysterious dark walk back to the campus park it in room 905. get lost in the forest of the dorm room zoom your in the room, laughing hysterically staring at the ground wondering if this is how it will always be from now on.

Z screams, Just Let Go! i don't know wha happened next but suddenly the colors on the tv were tons of universes and the sound like a thousand hundred thousand times louder than before. We were so connected.

the dark night sky with the little twinkling stars outside the window was outerspace in are room?

my mind got so high i was floating on a cloud inside my mind. I remember purple universe with lighting strikes all over, my deepest universe trip. thank you, jason  AK. Roof Catty Cat :|

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