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He we go sorry if it's long

So I've taken 25mg of 4-aco a couple times, but I wanted more. I decided that since I was in a great set and going to have an awesome setting, I was going to take a big-boy dose. So the night before, I eptied half of a cap into another and hoped for the best. My friend was taking the other half cause he was coming from a very scary last trip.

D-day- I wake up super early and make some tea to put in a thermos (little tripping tradition of mine). After I collected all of of my stuff I whent to go pick up my friend. We drove out to an awesome bridge over a river it has a beautiful patch of grass and a little walk way under so you can sit under it. We take all of out stuff to the bridge and sit down. We lay out my yoga mat and sprawl out all of our stuff. I take off my shoes and put on flip flops which felt awesome. I stick on some incredible tunes on my speaker as I sit back and wait. My friend pulls out a bong and begins to smoke (I tell him not to let me smoke as I know it's gonna be one hell of a ride)

T+15 minutes- My friend says he can already feel it and I feel literally nothing. He stands up and walks around. As he does this I begin to feel the first signs of the Aco and I feel more and more anxious by the second. I tell me friend what I'm feeling and he tells me that he feels it too.

T+30 I drink some tea as my anxiety akyrockets and the stones in the bridge begin to look 3d. THAT TEA SAVED MY TRIP. The second that I swallow the tea, my anxiety just disdaprears and the music takes the rains.

T+60- I am flow blown tripping now and we walk down under the bridge to sit. As I sit there looking at the clouds, they begin to morph into very geometric faces. I tell me friend what I am seeing and he said he is seeing the exact same thing.

T+75 (THIS IS WHETE IT GETS GOOD FOLKS) I can't stop smiling, every is perfect and love is all around me. I look up in the sky and start to feel as if the sky is opening up. I relize that God is looking down and he pried the sky open to look. I turn to my friend and tell him what's happening. But all the sudden I have a relization, we are all God's, and looking is just prying open other people's sky's.

T+2 hours (ish) Time means nothing so idk- I tell my friend that he will understand all of this in time when he is ready (I felt like a father to him). Nother matters. Why would anything matter when we are God's. Life is just a big game and when we "die" our Ego just floats on up to look upon the "Humans" from the tear in the sky. How have I Never known this, nothing matters nothing matters nothing matters.. Looking back, this feels like 2 minutes of experience stretched into an eternity as it was an entire 2 hours but I only though these couple thoughts. (Ask me if you want me to explain further)

T+4 hours- We walk back up and I am beginning to come down. I have an absolutely f-d up conversation with my mom since I was still tripping even though I didn't think I was. I had to like a tiny bit and it was impossible to keep track of the lie. 30 minutes go by and at this point we are almost down. It's incredible how fast I came down, one moment I was God, the next I could remember being God but I wasn't anymore. Long story short we back up and go home.

I still can't say that I don't believe any of that wasn't "real" and it's really change my view on God, spirituality and the onenes of the universe. Please ask any questions yells want

Peace out and stay groovy

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