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Epic Triple Dipper: Whiskey, Weed, and SHROOMS

Complete and Utter Euphoria

 This trip was everything I thought it would be and more. (Long but worth the read in my opinion)

 It was my first time tripping balls, as I had only tried mushrooms twice before with light doses, level 2 at most. I had planned on taking 3 grams, but once I started escalating I excitedly consumed more, totaling 4.5 grams. Don't know the strain but it looked exactly like popcorn. 

 So, the night started out with me eating the initial 3 grams dry while drinking a tall glass of whiskey at the same time, figuring the acidic alcohol would help break down the psilocybin into psilocin, as well as adding the effects of alcohol. Shortly after I smoked 3 bowls of Blue Dream after finding that I wasn't as aloof as I normally would be after the second bowl. (I'm 18 and 130 lbs so weed usually hits me hard) Instead of feeling stoned and scatterbrained I felt hyperconscious, as if no amount of weed could take away my awareness. 

 As I packed another bowl, however, the mushrooms really began to kick in. As I went deeper into the trip I grew more and more excited, realizing the true potential of mushrooms. I started thinking on an all-new level, and recorded myself ranting about all my new ideas. At the same time, however, I felt an overwhelming feeling of calmness and stability, something which I didn't realize I had been longing for in life. It was then that I got my first wave of physical pleasure in the form of a headrush. It felt as though my ear canals had finally opened up after years of being stagnant, filling with a warm feeling that spread throughout my body. The physical pleasure only escalated from there, and I realized I probably couldn't manage to smoke the bowl I packed, which was sitting on my dresser. It stayed there for the rest of the night, influencing my thoughts. 

 I had never experienced the physical pleasure I felt that night before, and it reminded me of childhood in a way - something common of hallucinogens to me. Every square inch of skin on my body felt hypersensitive, and every sensation was delicious pleasure. I was laughing uncontrollably, way more than I had been the previous hour or so. I'm not sure when exactly I started munching down on the rest of my shrooms but it was sometime around here. I became so bewildered by this "ultimate state of perception" that I recorded myself until my phone storage ran out! 

 At this point I opened up a new google doc and began furiously writing my new theories about life, attitude, my future self, and the universe. Here's where I started going off the deep end... My insights gave way to delusions, something I was not prepared for. Firstly, I thought I had discovered the funniest joke in the world - for real. I thought that I had figured out the same path of logic the greek philosopher Chrysippus had when he died of laughter. (Chrysippus is actually really fascinating and no doubt would have loved shrooms) There never really was a joke though; as much as shroomed-out me tried to explain it in my writing, the closest I can come to explaining it is that the concept of humor was funny, and the joke was that I understood the joke...

 My second delusion was much more powerful, overtaking my beliefs and mind: I was God. I wrote pages about how self-replication of systems of particles in the form of operant conditioning on the macroscopic level leads to a new form of life: me. Basically, since mushrooms induce the most intense form of pleasure, taking mushrooms is reinforced more than any other activity, thus leading to a recurring positive feedback loop. This 'new form of life' is able to discover things like flaws in logic because of the sheer amount of hypercognition, which somehow made me God. This idea really took hold, and for the next hour I was stuck in a high loop of disbelief and realization that I was God. I thought this state would last forever...

 I regret taking the additional shrooms after the 3 grams because after this point in the night I was catatonic. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, the thoughts and visions I had became overwhelmingly nihilistic, and I lost the sense of meaning that I had worked for so long earlier in the night to create. In fact, I lost all sense of meaning to life whatsoever, which is the opposite of what I thought shrooms would do beforehand.

 By the time it was 3 am I felt like I had gone on a mental marathon and was exhausted. I looked in my bathroom mirror to see my face extremely distorted, along with everything else in there. It all seemed foreign to me. I awoke the next day to find writing in pencil I had scribbled on my walls.

 Despite the fact that in retrospect this trip was actually not very visual in nature, I still regard it as one of my most wonderful/powerful trips because of the extreme changes in cognition, kinesthesia, and touch. I did not experience full on ego-death, HD vision, nor any color visuals. It stands apart from any other trip I've taken, and I assume it was due to the addition of alcohol since I almost always use psilocybin in combination with THC. 

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