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Microdosing vs. Level 1 (1g)

1g can be easier than microdose

Hello, recently I have been comparing my notes between microdose (0.10g & 0.20g) vs. 1g doses and thought I would share.  

Also, I always have to examine why I post these notes which keeps my intentions in check.  I am not trying to change the world or make money or grow subscriptions but rather to have notes for myself that are easily accessible to pull up online.  If others find it helpful that is great but I am certainly not an expert just building experiences while also reading others experiences.  My general outlook is this is my hobby, when I took my high dose I let go of my idiosyncratic obsessions with ego domination and time and now just enjoy focusing on this subject while also being a Dad, Husband, and working my career.

Okay, I generally think that 0.25g is my favorite dose so far and the one I have used most frequently.  Once a day in the morning works best so you can enjoy throughout the day a general improved sense of well-being.  I have also tried twice/day which can also work but generally feel more tired.  Three times a day was too much to really enjoy, felt to spacey and it felt like I was trying to "work with it" vs. it work for me.

Also, I now find other intermediate doses not all that enjoyable compared to 0.25g OR 1g.  Once I get into 0.50g or 0.70g I find myself in this sort of separated from myself space but not completely.  Sort of enjoying myself but sort of not, like a reverberation of both me enjoying the consciousness widening and also being annoyed by it.  I am calling this the "intermediate zone" to keep it simple the dose between 0.25g and 1g does not add much value to my experiences at this point over the last year.

Now, let's talk about what Shroomery designates as "level 1," which I am using as the 1g experience.  I really like the 1g but it requires a different setting compared to 0.25g.  At 1g I really like to be alone.  I could take 0.25g at work, in groups, outdoor activities like concerts or kids functions; however, at 1g all those things annoy me.  I also have to be more prepared for what I like to call the "phase shift" which is the 45min mark, at the phase shift I need to be completely still meditating with eyes closed, really accepting the changes in awareness, listening to all sounds, feeling body vibration, and mind separation, exploring where thoughts are in front of you like water in a stream, and visualizing settings of places you have been or where you want to go.

Once you get through the phase shift 1g is very clear for thoughts, opening eyes, and focusing on plants.  Your visual acuity improves and it is sort of like a built in microscope to whatever you want to look at very closely and also observe wonder in large landscapes.  At this point I find being inside to be difficult by myself unless I am intentionally meditating but I would rather do that in nature vs. in my room.  Also, good harmonious music is also wonderful to listen too at 1g and exploring thought here is fantastic and much more clear than the intermediate zone.

As I review my notes for 1g-3g I find many of the same attributes, every time I take a gram I "breakthrough" to clarity after the phase shift while also being mindful of the phase shift itself becomes more intense.

Finally, the comedown is also more enjoyable at 1g vs. intermediate zone.  I find myself to be more energized and open to then spending time with others vs. sort of tired or exhausted with intermediate zone dosing.

Okay hope that helps.



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