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Cat on the Wall

I had an intense trip Saturday night.

I had an intense trip Saturday night. It was well planned, and quite the experience.

While my girlfriend was at work, I cleaned up our place. I cleaned up clutter, washed surfaces, and put a red light bulb into our overhead light. I melted some chocolate down and dipped my dry shrooms in it, and put them in the freezer. I would guess there were about 5 grams of dry shrooms in the chocolate. I was also planning on making some tea with my fresh mushrooms.

I picked my girl up from work, and we came home. We were both starving, having not eaten all day, so we had a light snack, a turkey sandwich. I didn’t want to be hungry through the entire trip. Then we smoked a joint and started watching Princess Mononoke. About half an hour into the movie, we munched down on our chocolate covered mushrooms. They were delicious.

The mushrooms took their time to kick in. After about 45 minutes, we were feeling very mild effects, so I decided now would be a good time to make the tea. By the time the tea was ready, about 30 minutes later, the mushrooms we had eaten were starting to take a more profound effect. The talking/snarling wolves in Princess Mononoke were pretty terrifying, in a good way, and the red glow of our overhead lamp cast a demonic glow throughout our living room. Our Aztec-pattern rug was alive, the patterns following themselves around and around. We drank back our tea over the next 20 minutes, the effects from the mushrooms we ate growing the whole time.

By the time we finished our tea, our living room was alive. We had lost interest in the movie due to our inability to follow the storyline. The red glow from our overhead light spread across the ceiling, making it crawl. I particularly remember my bookshelf expanding and contracting, the shelves growing closer and further apart, while the wood grain “dripped” ever downwards.

I started to worry a little bit about what was going to happen when the tea kicked in. I had made it with what I would guess to be about 50 grams of fresh shrooms, and let it simmer for a good 20 minutes. With this worry in mind, that’s when I noticed the Cat on the Wall. I have this photograph of a small, immensely cute kitten on my wall. I printed it off on 8 ½ x 11 paper, framed it, and put it on my wall. The kitten is looking directly at the camera, and is just so cute. Or at least, he normally is. Now he was staring daggers at me. His yellow eyes were aglow with hatred, and I could feel his demonic wrath. I was struck with fear, but realized where this was going take me. I made myself stare back at the Cat on the Wall. I was afraid, mostly afraid I was going to have a bad trip. But I stared back at this evil kitten until I was no longer afraid of him. I probably stared at him for only a minute or two, but it felt a lot longer. Slowly he reformed from a demon, to a cute cuddly kitten. Then I smiled, as the photograph became three dimensional.

My girlfriend asked what I was doing. I told her that the Cat on the Wall was going 3D, not mentioning I had just been afraid of it. We started the talk about the Cat on the Wall. We wondered what his name was, where he was from, how old he would be now.

After some discussion, and more tripping out on random things in our living room, I got up to go to the washroom. I always enjoy the bathroom during trips. I like looking at myself in the mirror. For some reason, I rarely get visuals on my own face, I just look a little insane, with my eyes the size of saucers. Pissing in the toilet was a challenge, as it seemed miles below me, and was expanding and contracting in size. After I finished, and washed my hands, I noticed something really cool. The cabinet below our mirror has an interesting white/blue/cream texture on it. It, like most everything else, was flowing. What was unique about this texture was that I realized I could control its flow with my mind, to a certain extent. It amused me greatly to melt the texture however I wanted.

My girlfriend had to come see if I was ok, I had spent so long playing with the melting texture on the cabinet. After this, I don’t remember clearly the order of events for several hours. I remember laying face down on the floor, losing myself in CEV. I was flying through tunnels of weird symbols, amongst other strange things. I also remember laying on the couch with my girl, sinking into it. Becoming one with the couch. I remember starting to feel a little off, a little uncomfortable. This feeling stayed with me the rest of the night, and sort of ruined my fun. I realized later it was just a bad stomach ache.

We did go out for a walk outside, but I couldn’t handle it. I was cold, and not having very much fun. So we went back to our place and smoked another joint. This got me really stoned. We sat around for a few more hours, slowly coming down. I was starting to feel even worse at this point.

As I was laying on the couch, not feeling so good, I went into deep philosophical thoughts. I came to the conclusion, that the majority of the working class in modern society was led along with the idea of a good, fulfilling life, when in reality, few working class people were truly happy with where they were at in life. Everywhere we look we see happy people living fulfilling lives, in advertisements, sitcoms, movies. It keeps the masses content, thinking that they should be content.

In feeling not so good, I tried to figure out why. I started to think about what I was thinking about, and how it related to how I was feeling. In essence, I was trying to figure out how I think. This just led to one confusing thought loop. I highly recommend not thinking about how you think.

Eventually we went to bed, about seven hours after eating the first mushrooms. It took a couple hours for us to fall asleep though, we were still a little high, and seeing light visuals. I woke up 4 hours later though, feeling very rested. I still had the stomach ache I went to bed with. . . I don’t think it was related to the mushrooms, I just happened to have a bad stomach ache.

Overall, it was a good trip to start that slowly became uncomfortable. I’d do again anytime.

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