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First Mushroom Journey Trip Report 4/4/18

Please enlighten me

On my way home, I felt depressed as I remembered my girl and our memories together. She left me weeks prior after 7 years of being together.


It was around 10pm when I got home and behold what’s waiting for me, a package. It was the mushrooms. I rushed to my room, changed clothes, & meditated. I ate all 5g and meditated again.


Thirteen minutes after, my heart was beating so hard and I felt tipsy, similar to drinking a can or 2 of beer. I went outside, got myself chair, and put my attention to the trees. All of a sudden, everything was melting, dancing, waving, and shaking. I saw glimpses of colors but not too much. I focused on a tree, a miracle tree, and it was shape shifting! I heard it speaking to me but I did not understand. It turned into a golden dragon. I was not afraid. Now everything was all colors and shapes I can’t define.


I then felt a presence behind me. I can’t see it but I know it was there. It held the back of neck and contorted my body to awkward positions. I have no control now, luckily, I never fell from the chair. I was praying for it to reveal itself to me. While this was happening, I felt something pulling the right side of my jaw. I didn’t understanding anything.


The entity pointed my head towards the sky and I saw it. It was a grey alien but it feels like the presence of a mother. Above it was a cloud filled sky. I closed my eyes and saw a massive spaceship. The grey opened my mouth as a light from the ship beamed. Then into another awkward position and so on.


A motherly voice then said “let it go/let go” so many times. I resisted at first but decided to let go. Suddenly my eyes closed and I felt drowsy but fully aware. The grey opened my mouth again. In front of me was a giant colorful snake, shining green. It surrounded my body. I again let go and as I did, I felt an orgasm starting from my groin area extending to my whole body! It also put something inside my mouth I can’t remember.


The grey moved my body again and again. As I looked up, it turned into a green forest-like lady entity with leaves. It still said “let go” many times. Around me were colors and shapes similar to what you see on DMT and also fairy like entities flying around.


I looked at the front door of the house and I saw a silhouette of a human-like entity filled with colors. I saw this before on my DMT journey.  It held my hand and led me inside the house. The house was so bright and vibrant. It took me to the kitchen and I stood there for a while very happy and contended and grateful to be living here. I have no control of my body, I felt like a puppet. Time was so slow now.


My body just walked on its own outside as I heard the motherly voice said “just be yourself” as my hand moved to tap my chest on its own. I felt like a child being thought a lesson by a mother.


I walked awkwardly to the same tree which turned into a dragon. It tried to scare me by turning into a dark demonic image. I fought my fear. On the wall was an angry white shadow of a lady, in my mind I told her there’s no need to be angry. She just then cried.


I felt so happy walking into the house. I went in my room and looked at myself in the mirror. Funny, my face turned into a goat, then a lion. I played my guitar and just mere feeling the strings made me laugh hard and had a whole body orgasm. I heard the motherly voice told me not to get lost in my thoughts and just let it go. As I did, my body shut down and went to sleep immediately on the floor yet still aware.


My dreams were weird, very weird. I was in a carnival playing with these cartoon-like characters. Then another scene was with a girl filled with colors. She tried to seduce me and I woke up stroking my penis yet not able to have an orgasm no matter hard I try lol.


There were so much more dreams I can’t remember all. Maybe I got lost in my thoughts. I don’t know. I was in a state of constantly sleeping and waking and sleeping and waking. I was very confused. Again, I felt depressed.


After 4-5 hours I woke up almost sober. My body was so exhausted. It’s a struggle to breath properly. I was really confused. The temperature was hot. I did not understand a thing. I don’t even know what to feel. I decided to sleep in another room.


I woke up in the morning confused and with a heavy heart.


These are what stuck most in my experience. So many details were left out because I cannot remember it all. I hope someone would enlighten me on this, thank you!



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