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Cat and Couch

I got into growing shrooms on a lark, just something new to try.

I got into growing shrooms on a lark, just something new to try. I couldn't believe how easy they are to produce, and how innocuous they appear to the uninitiated! So the first time I tripped, about three days ago, my friend and I decided to try some shroomy orange juliuses, like I had read about in one of these trip reports. I whipped them up, adding eight good-sized dried shrooms to the blender. I wasn't really sure about the dosage, but the MMGG suggested four...

At about 9:00 pm we sat back with our shakes (which tasted really good, not vile at all) and played some Twisted Metal 2 on my Playstation, expecting the shrooms to kick in sometime in the next hour or so. My tripping buddy, G, was really wondering what the shrooms taste like by themselves, so he scampered into my room and consumed a dry mushroom. He said it tasted like stale popcorn. I couldn't be on a different level than G, so I picked a fresh one off a cake and ate it. It tasted like any other mushroom.

About ten minutes later the shrooms started to take hold. The Playstation went off, the Pink Floyd and blacklights went on, and we laid back and listened. After a while I was lying back on the floor with my head near my subwoofer, just consumed with a kind of fresh, clean feeling. Like waking up late on a Sunday afternoon in freshly cleaned sheets with the sun pouring through the windows. Just GREAT! As the patterns started to become visible, I realized I could manipulate the streams of light and air by running my fingers through them. I felt like I was playing with raw magic, as tracers of St. Elmo's fire coursed between my fingertips.

Earlier that day we had moved in an old, beaten up couch belonging to A, one of my new roommates. It had been a real bitch to move, but now I was extremely happy we had done it, as I sat before this couch, watching the patterns of vertical lines roll over each other. I decided that this was a very old and wise couch, and I sat there explaining to G that we would have to send someone down to speak to the couch, as it was obviously in a deep sleep and not paying attention to the rest of the world.

We spent a little while just looking at stuff in the house, playing with my Great Dane (who looked like a devil in the blacklight) and watching Ninja Scroll, a really good anime' flick, while listening to The Wall. Maybe it's cliche', but Pink Floyd is just amazing while you're chemically altered. Someone got the idea to put on this terrible porno I had, and G and I were astounded and disgusted by the size of this guy's schlong. During the latter part of our TV viewing, G stopped us and informed us he had just had an hallucination. He said a cat had just strolled right past him. I looked around quickly, but it had either already left, or I just couldn't see it.

We decided it would be a good idea to get out a bit and look at the beauty all around us. We had A, who wasn't tripping, drive us to our nearby college campus. On the way there we discussed all kinds of things, like how no-one could ever have the same trip, and therefore no-one could ever really experience the exact same thing as anyone else, not even love.

A was able to (narrowly) avoid any police entanglements on the way there, and as we pulled into the parking space, we saw that THE SPRINKLERS WERE ON!! We stripped off our shoes and socks and ran out like a couple of nuts, dodging between the streams of water. The sprinklers all went off suddenly a few minutes later, and we realized we were looking very suspicious. I thought for a second that the police were coming to get us right then. A assured us we just looked drunk, and we'd be okay.

We toured around campus for a while, looking at trees and buildings, discussing things we had read and the people we saw walking around, too. I was pretty certain anyone out at this late hour (about 11:00 pm) MUST be tripping, too. We stopped at the Century Oak, a 100+ year-old tree, and admired its antiquity. Then A pointed out that the tree looked a lot like a huge hand reaching out of the ground. This spooked G and I, because we were standing so close to this hand that we might get crushed any second. When we got to the pathway between the Psychology Building and Hart Hall, we stood like fools, staring up at the trees. They were underlit by the campus lamps, and there seemed to be many, many levels of leaves, all individual and beautiful.

A decided to drive us through an automatic car wash on the way back home, which was really neat, and or a while I started wondering exactly who I was, how I go on day-to-day without knowing, and how these two guys could handle being around me when even I didn't know who I was. It felt like I had an ego-death, as I left the me that I knew behind to try and redefine just where this voice I think with in my head is coming from. Very weird!

Later on, as the trip wound down around 1:00 am, we decided to retire for the evening. My girlfriend called, and I hadn't really wanted to go into too much detail about the experience, for fear of scaring her. But she sounded really open and interested, so I told her all about it. I really wished she could have shared in this, because I know we could have totally lost ourselves in each other for a long time.

The next day I had about the worst headache of my life, possibly from the high dosage, or possibly from not eating or drinking any caffeine for a long time. I'm not sure when I'll trip again, but I plan on taking maybe three shrooms next time. We'll see.

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