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hi... my name´s ingo, and i live in germany... the easiest way to get mushrooms over here is taking your car, and driving to holland, where you mostly find hawaiian and mexican shrooms (stropharia cubensis)... well one weekend a few friends of mine went to holland, and brought shrooms...
they came back on sunday, and we all met in the apartment of andi... obviously the journey to holland wouldnt have been a journey to holland if they didnt bring no weed... so we had quite a lot of dutch weed, and 8 grams dried shrooms (2 grams for each one - which we were actually planing to eat on tuesday)
well andi lives alone so we started to smoke a lot of weed, and at 8 o clock michael and i decided to go to the cinema to watch M: I - 2 (its a good movie when youre stoned), leaving andi and uli alone with the bong, and taking our portion shrooms with us
we came out of the cinema real tired but happy... it was about 11 o clock... both of us had the next day off, so we couldnt wait any longer, and decided to eat our little magic fellows that night... we knew a little castle on a hill near our hometown... you can watch over the whole valley from there, so it was just perfect... we dropped shortly to my place, to get something to drink, some chewing gum, and some gummy bears (great trip toys)... obviously we couldnt forget the blankets... we took the chance at my place to eat the shrooms, so that the effects would start about when reaching the castle...
once we arrived there, we made it at comfortable as we could... it was the most beautiful night you can imagine... stars and moon in the sky... not so cold, not too hot... and just the perfect wind to caress your cheeks...
about half an hour had passed since we ate the shrooms, and i already felt different... yeah! here we go again... i turned to michael, but he didnt look good... he was as white as milk, and just before i could ask if anything was wrong, he stood up and went to puke...
it seemed an eternity until he was finally back... once knowing he was ok, i decided to continue my trip... the castle was small for a castle, and hard to describe... imagine a 6 meter high cube, illuminated by 2 very potent orange hallogen lights... i took a closer look to the bricks of that castle, and they split in 2 layers, which both started to move in different directions... its difficult to explain, but it was cool... then i looked at the grass, and at the plants and trees, i could actually watch them grow... and then i turned to the stars, its just incredible, that little turn of my head transported me into another world of infinite visuals, i just couldnt stop seeing kaleidoskopes or spirals in RGB, and geometric forms in every color you could possibly imagine... i looked at the clock.. 01:00! damn, we just ate the shrooms one and a half hour ago! We? oh god, that reminds me of something, i had completely forgotten of michael, so i walked back to where the blankets where and saw him... SLEEPING! wake up man! youre missing the whole trip! he jumped up and started to talk about this dream he had... i was in it, and i was an elf... and... he was just too excited to bring out a phrase that makes sence, so i told him to chill out, and we decided to smoke some more of the dutch weed... michael was supposed to roll, but he was choking and couldnt manage it..
so i was on... here in germany people use to mix pot with tobacco, so they roll real huge and long joints... i dont like nicotin (usually have to puke when smoking cigarrettes)... so im used to roll small spliffs, the only problem: we only had longpapes... so imagine how the joint looked like... well that doesnt matter, we smoked it... just on the peak of our trip... after that michael sat back and got lost in the sky (probably the same reason i did) so i decided to pick my walkman and take a walk on the hill... i listened to deftones, limp bizkit and coal chamber, which any normal person would say is too aggressive for a trip, but it put me just in the right mood... i started singing and poging around (luckily there was no one around), and enjoying the visuals... by the time i got back michael was already in the car ready to drive back... so thats what we did, i came home like on 02:30, and couldnt sleep until 05:30 (goddamn i had to think!)
so that was it... i hope you enjoyed it... take care, and have a nice one!

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