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First time, 8th of shrooms

Possibly a bit too much

So for a bit of backstory, apart from smoking weed and drinking in high-school (am now 21) I don't really have any experience with psychedelics, though have always wanted to try. Fast forward to last new years, I drive up to visit one of my best friends, let's call him B. Get there at about 12pm, we don't really do much, just drink some beers, play some video games. Another friend that was with us let's call him C, tells us that he can hook us up with some shrooms. So I was like fuck yeah. After about an hour or two we get back to his apartment, then proceed to each take our eighth, I naturally was like "might as well take the largest bag" which happened to comprise of one large mushroom, quite a long stem and large cap, as well as about 2 or 3 smaller caps. Drank some orange juice, and ate my shrooms, honestly the taste wasn't so bad. We settle in, put some off the air on his flat screen, I'd say about an hour later I look down from the screen and notice that the holes in his dresser where warping, pulsating almost. And I thought to myself " oh shit it's happening". My mouth was feeling dry as fuck, so naturally I was like I need to get something to drink. As I stood up I realized just how hard that was going to be, walking in a straight line took all my strength. After what seemed to be an eternity I get back to the sofa. I have to say drinking liquids was one of oddest experiences, I could really feel it in my mouth, like a slug almost, still didn't help with the dry mouth.

It being new years we decided to start lighting fireworks in a field near by, it's freezing outside, I was wearing two hoodies, and I was still shivering constantly. Lit some fireworks, me and C laughed at a boat. All was good, for while. We watched some tool, and I could literally feel the sand from the music videos on my fingers. Then B's wife came down and turned on the lights, everything seemed to change, ended up throwing up, some how I made it to the bathroom. This is when I started spiraling, I don't know how or why but I was feeling trapped, and that I wasn't going to get out. I could literally feel reality breaking down around me. I kept thinking that I was needing to go to work, and asking is it new years yet. I was beginning to realize that this my new reality and that I won't be returning. I was essentially freaking out, later found at that my friends where about to knock me out to stop me from hurting myself, my memories are little vague at this point, I remember feeling like I was dying, and trying to explain to my friends that "it's hard to do that while that's over there". What I ment was that everything was misplaced, like if you took pieces of a puzzle and threw them everywhere. This went on for some time, eventually devolved into me walking around B's apartment and going " bleep bloop". My next clear memory is me being on the couch watching them play GTA, after about 2 hours I felt as if someone shot my consciousness from the top of my head back into my body. My first thought was "holy shit I'm back, I made it"

All in all it was one of the most interesting somewhat terrifying experiences of my life, and I look forward to doing it again.

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