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cartoon party

Ok right so i was chilling home one friday night while my parents were gone.

Ok right so i was chilling home one friday night while my parents were gone. I was grounded like ususal so I had to stay home. I was thinking of things to do when I remembered my friends gave me their leftover shrooms from last weekend. I never did it before but they assured my this was good shit and I should have about half of it(two and a half grams). At first I wasnt sure if I should but then I was like screw it. I ate about half of it and sat in my bed listening to reel big fish. Then after about 20 or 30 minutes my room started to change. It was really strange, I cant really explain it except for that it was so damn cool. Then the furniture and crap in my room started like shaking to the beat of the music and I felt as if I was at a concert in the fucking sky floating. It was so sick. Then out of nowhere these random cartoon characters we in my room. It was like bugs bunny, scooby doo, shaggy, that tazmainian devil dude, and some other guys. They were like yo lets toke up... so i went to my jacket and pulled out a fifty and a pipe. The cartoons had their own weed and I guess we just sat there and talked and shit. These guys were saying some pretty fucked up shit.. I dont really remeber much but I remeber laughing like hell. My room was still bouncing to the ska music and I still left like I was floating. Then the cartoons made holes in my walls and left. I looked through the holes and It was crazy.. I saw like sick psychadelic paterns and shit that swirled around and shit. I remembver getting mad cold and went in my bed to warm up. I closed my eyes and kept seeing the swirling patterns. The next morning my parents found the pipe and the weed laying on my bed and I got grounded for like two months.. i guess im gonna need more shrooms!

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