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It was an evening in the summer and I ate waht turned out to be 3 grams of shrooms.

It was an evening in the summer and I ate waht turned out to be 3 grams of shrooms. I had never eaten shrooms before and we had to drive 30 minutes to get back to my place. A friend of mine ate the same amount and my girlfriend ate about 2 grams. Nothing seemed to be going on until I got home. I remeber walking into the house and then coming back out to talk with my friends. As I was walking across the driveway I suddenly noticed a pile of bugs crawling out of the grass by the edge. It was so noticable that I jumped and pointed at them. Everybody else just said the shrooms where kicking in. After that the world completely changed. I sat down and noticed that the pavement had millions of caverns leading into it. Sometime after I looked at the grass and saw a sea of snakes. It was if each blade of grass was a different snake sitting up in anticipation to strike. The site was unbelievable! By now it was dark and the lights from the houses nearby let off giant sheets of light that seemed to be floating around each lightpost. I wouldn't call this a bad trip at all. I stayed awake with my friends until 7am the next morning, all of fascinated by the scenes that were unfolding before our eyes. I titled this carnival because throughout the night it always seemed like multicolored lights were shining right behind my head.

I've tried lsd sense and nothing even close to the first time has occured.

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