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A Trip DOwntown #2

THen me and my friends were gettin a ride back to Nics house.

THen me and my friends were gettin a ride back to Nics house. I was spendin the night there so it was chill. But not when i got to his room. I just walked in nice and calm, and sat on his bed. I then looked up at the roof and there were waves of white roofy stuff just moving. I freaked out and put my head in the pillow. Then I just told myself, Im on acid, its just an hallucinacon. Then I looked at nics Misfits poster on the wall. It was a poster of President Kennedy getin shot in the head. It was a cartoon. All of a sudden, it started breathing and the poster started going in and out of the wall. Then once i saw that, the breathing spread from the poster all along the wall and up towards the roof. It was spreading like a wave. Now there were waves and waves of this shit all over the room. Everythings breathing. I was scared. I started freakin out, so Nic and BRet took the poster down and it all went away for some reason.

Then i just sat down, smoked a cig and watched the olympics. It was fine after that cuz I was paying full attention to the tv. After that, it was almost over.

I could feel the tensiness in my body calm down and the visuals went away. Finally I just fell asleep.

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