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First Trip 2g mexicans, b+ lemon tek

See what happened

Hey guys, my name is Diogo and I'm an experienced cannabis smoker, I've decided to try hallucinogens because I've always been curious, but in a certain way I was afraid of what to expect.. I've done a gram and felt nothing, then days later me and my friend did 2g cubensis b+, mexicans, each with the lemon tek.. it was 4pm when we took it.
30 minutes on and we are coming up. We were on a park and by nature. A childlike feeling is coming and visuals are getting obvious, patterns, trembling and other stuff.. the view was beautiful, like an oil painting.. my friend was getting 'sick' of so many visuals, and he felt that he wasn't enjoying.. and that may have caused my trip to go downhill after that realization.
the first two hours were intense, lots of visuals, but I was never too worried, I knew that something was different. but then the peak comes and for me, it was pure psychosis, my father, uncle and grandfather all suffer from different types of schizophrenia, and I can say I felt that, I was getting lost in my inner world, talking to my self, earing voices and not beeing able to differentiate the inner and outer world.. at this point my friend says that he doesnt want to do this anymore, and I kept that idea... my ego did struggled a lot I was a little bit frightened then, because I could understand what schizophrenia may be.. it was really scaring at a pointtime,but I knew it was a matter of time, when it passed, I felt so good for beeing sober again.. I knew it would pass anyways, but the fear of not being able to comunicate, and distinguish between two realities frightened me..
I felt the need to ask him if I've been in silence this past minute, and I was, but in my head I was asking the same question and getting answers, it was creepy ahahah
It was over at 8pm, and I really felt good for being able to be my self after all.
It was a pretty intense and interesting experience, but I was really coming and going to my self.. it was a level 3 I bet..

I don't feel like doing acid or shrooms soon..this experience was pretty deep and I've felt pretty schizophrenic at the end of this trip.. but really happy when sober.

I feel like the lemon tek did it's work on iintensifying this trip, and shortened the trip to 3.5h

Overall pretty intense, beautiful and real interesting the psychology behind it.I felt lost between whats in my head and whats really happening.. and the thought of ending up schizophrenic was real creepy.. but it did pass and it was a great lesson.

Do you have any tips for me? For a first trip it was really deep.. Do you thing the set and setting may have cause this to me? Can I get other type of experience of them mushrooms, Or it something that I needed to experience and get trough? Leave a comment :smile:

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