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Canada Day Trip

This is my trip on mushrooms i had on Canada day.

This is my trip on mushrooms i had on Canada day. I bought the mushrooms two days before i did them and i couldnt wait. when the day finally came it was an experince like no other.
me and coupe of friends headed downtown to see what was ahppening at the canada day festivals. it got boring so we decided to go do something to alter our minds. we walked up int a bush near the downtown area and i started eating my shrooms my friend got real drunk and my other friend started smoking all this pot. after we were all done with the drugs we decided to go check out the festivities again. after a while we met up with a kid who we all have always despised my drunk friend wanted to fight but of course i couldnt because, well i was on shrooms. after awhile we met up with another friend and we all decided to go to a girl we knew house to chill seeing as it was raing. i didnt want to because i had gotten real drunk a while ago and crashed at her house and i pissed on her floor but i hadnt apologized to her mother yet so i was kind of spooked that i might be heatscore around her. when we got there i really started to trip. i started seeing little spirals everywhere and on the way there i looked ina puddle and saw a rainbow spiral. i apologozed to her mother she had pretty much calmed down since i was last there and she was telling me about he rfriends dieing from drinking and stuff and couldnt stop laughing and seeing shit it was a very fun time. after we left the mushrooms were still working and we dicided to go see the fireworks. i sat down t watch them and when they came on i swear it was the trippiest thing you'll ever see. after that they kinda wore off and i headied home but i still had some more so i decided to eat them. i ate them at like 11 at night and stayed up until 3 in the mornin watching trippy cartoons. well that was my canada day trip hope u enjoyed hearing about it and hope u someday have a trip as fun as mine!

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