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Intense CBD Oil Vape Trip

Craziest hour of my life

Over the weekend, I had went to a friends house to smoke weed and just chill for the weekend. Little did I know that I was in for a lot more than I had bargained for.

The first day that I was there, it was a couple of my friends, and the main weed supplier had gotten a hold to some really intense bud... I'm not sure what strain it was. I took a couple of hits off of it while it was being passed around and a few minutes later it hit me pretty hard - I wound up having to lay on the couch until it wore off but it was a pretty enjoyable experience. This event is what led up to my decisions the next day.

So the next day, a friend of my friend came over with his wife, whom I had a thing with at one time. He brought out his vape and said that he had some bomb CBD oil type vape juice in it and had us all take a couple of hits. Apparently, I am extremely sensitive to it because while everyone else just got a neat little buzz from it, I went into a full blown trip. We were all standing in the kitchen talking when suddenly it felt as if my brain was shifting in a pentagon type pattern, moving from corner to corner of the pentagon and I began swaying around. I also began to have weird open and close eyed visuals. I was fine with it at first and told everyone what I was feeling and then all of a sudden it became super intense and I began to become scared because I had never felt this way before - not even on LSD or mushrooms. I told my friend and they told me to sit at the table and to try to calm down. They then told me to go lay down in the bedroom, so I went and crashed in the dimly lit room. But as I laid there, I could not take my eyes off the doorknob and my focus began to become consumed by the doorknob and it felt like I was being pulled towards it and there was an awful ringing noise in my ears. I jumped up and went back into the kitchen when my friend asked me if I was alright and I told them they might have to take me to the ER because I was freaking out. They told me to just sit at the table and they brought me some milk and some chicken strips and told me I needed something on my stomach. I sat there and ate for about thirty minutes and the trip began to calm down. After I ate, I went back to the bedroom and laid down and put on Beyond Life With Timothy Leary in hopes it would help me calm down. I fell asleep a few minutes later and woke up perfectly fine. I seriously thought it was gonna fuck me up mentally though because of how my brain felt like it was frying.

Overall, it was a really weird trip that I wasn't at all expecting but I think that now that I know the effects I wouldn't mind doing it again. 

UPDATE: Apparently I smoked DMT and not CBD. 

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