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Can you cause silence?

Well let me start by saying I have only done shrooms 4 times so u know how it is.

Well let me start by saying I have only done shrooms 4 times so u know how it is. Well it was I Friday night and I 2 grams. My friend and I planned on taking one 8th and if it wasnt enough maybe Id try another. So we ingest aboot 7:45, and at that moment I thought, I better roll a blunt or I wont be able to later. So I started. As I began to roll it I saw the blunt slowly moving. It wasnt that crazy, but it kept me from rolling it. My friend walked into the room, laughed and asked what I was doing. I said I dont know if I can roll this, Im too distracted. He said try and left the room, and I got back to rolling, and again I was sidetracked by the squirming blunt. I was laughing and I turned to see what my friend was doing. He was staring intently at a snowboard poster and I then said "Fuck it!"
I was too into looking at the world. I went into my room with a new perspective. Everything was so crisp. I looked at the same poster and saw why he was staring so intently. It looked as though the writing on the poster glowed. Not like neon glow, but like sunrise glow. Warm and welcoming.
We put on some tunes and wow,is music cool. I then procceded to playing Vice City. I know its such a terriable game but oh so much fun. The colors shown so much differently.Then my friend and I began to talk about everyday things, u know just shooting the shit. When suddenly my burst open and my friend Joe hopped in. Scared the shit out of us, but he thought it was a good laugh. He wanted to be enlightened, so I handed him one of the 8ths. He ingested and 20 min later, he was boomin! At the moment I thought an adventure in the rain sounded appropriate. So we embarked. The rain pelted my head with such soft touch it felt awesome. It was now like 10:45. I hadnt seen any great visuals and it was kinda boring so I decided to eat the remaining 8th. I didnt feel it. So we went inside and smoked a gigantic bowl. I think my friend was just peaking when I started to feel the second helping.
Now the rest of the story got a little sketchy and I dont really remember much but it went from a 3 to a 4.6 real fast. I started to talk in rythm. I really cant explain how. It just happened. But thats when I talked, I really didnt talk for like a half an hour. I looked at a painting and then at my friend. His entire body was coved with the painting.His pants, his face. Everything. I thought cool. But I really couldnt tell what was going on. Then I flipped. I just couldnt talk, look straight, any simple movement was easy but it made no sense why I was making that movemnet. As I went into my room, I just wanted my lights off, so I could think. I still spoke in the weird rythm. When I did, I confused my friend. He didnt understand what I was talking about. He was just like, Dude I mean I sorta understand but it sounds like your echoing. Then reality slipped away. I didnt know what happened. My friend told me afterward mixed with my memories that I was talking about a higher being controlling what happened in my life. He told me I spoke in a tone that he had never heard before. He told me that I caused silence.
Take my advice and try shrooms once in your life. It changes your perspective on life. Its so much fun.

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