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First shroom experience

Ultimate freedom: 3 grams dried

This trip has happend a long time ago and english isnt my mother tounge, but i will still try my best to explain it:
This was my first experience with magic mushrooms, prior to this I only had a handfulof experiences with lsd.
Me and my best friend "N", who i tripped with, where out on a sunny day in a relatively secluded park.
We were laying down on a big meadow. It was a perfect summer day and set and setting were pretty neat.
I took the shrooms out of my backpack, proceeded to weigh them, then put them on a piece of bread
and me and N each ate 3 grams of Golden Teachers dried. I found the taste to be actually better than those of normal mushrooms
that you get at the grocery store,
Me and N both enjoyed the earthy flavour and proceeded to wait for the trip.
We were very excited and after half an hour I started to feel something.  Slowly I started to come up and I had this feeling of anxiety,
similair to that feeling youget when entering the seats of a huge rollercoaster.
As if a big shadow was watching me from above as I slowly entered another world.
I increasingly felt like a child again, those feeling when I was on an adventure as a child, the anxiety, the curiosity and the excitement all started to appear. Those feelings were decreasing again as I was now entering the psychedelic world more and more, patterns started to appear everywhere and reality became more and more altered.
I was suddenly overpowered by the psychedelic realm, my perception of time was altering, and minutes started to appear like hours,  the concept of reality appeared as if it wasan infinite geometrical pattern itself that was changing again and again and I started to get into very deep thoughts about my life, how I want to continue, and started questioning everything. My body felt very weird and alien.
I was close to an complete loss of reality until N said something to me, and I was pulled into this reality again. We both felt like childs
again and acted as different characters from our favorite shows.
We went on a walk deeper into the forest while still playing around and thinking we had super powers, we were suddenly surrounded by trees and nature and then  just sat down, being amazed by the beauty of nature. Just staring at the trees that seemed to be alive and moving and the beauty of the forest.  After that we went back to the park.
We laid down on the meadow again and thats when I first noticed how strong the visuals were, everything seemed like an ocean, forming waves up and down, the big buildings in the background were moving like a blade of grass in the wind
and the blue sky was full of colorful geometrical pattern, formed like gears.
As I was laying down and stopped being so overwhelmed by the envoirment the head trip washed me away again. My mind got into very deep loops that were connected to my sense of time.
Every loop seemed like eternity but once i got out of the loop it seemed like seconds had passed until i got into the next one. Thats where the trip got pretty challenging mentally because the loops
got me into an extremly psychedelic headspace. I was reliving moments and trains of thoughts and memories over and over again
in almost timeless loops. But then N came over and we decided to climb on the big rope web
(those that you find in playing grounds) that was at least 5 meters high. On the top of the web we
had an awesome view and me and N were talking about the wildest topics and we were amazed by how language and espacially numbers didnt make sense to us anymore. Every number had a different spirit and the order was non existent. After that I had one of the most remarkable moments of the trip, when
I was on top of the web, watching the sun and the view I had this incredible sense of freedom, as if the world is a giant endless ocean of possibilites for me to explore, I continued to watch
the visuals and enjoy the view. After that it got pretty weird.
When N's girlfriend messaged him we decided to go to her house, just walking trough the town in public was really strange and it seemed like I traveled a hundred million years back to the dinosaurs, everything looked so alien
and ancient and I thought that I saw the older generation of nature before the meteorite hit earth. I kept forgetting at which point weve been
already and it seemed as if we were walking the same road over and over again.
When we finally arrived at the house we went into its basement to smoke some weed with an old friend and things became really strange, V
Visuals became really wild and vivid and my mindset got very confusing. Nothing made sense but at the same time
did make sense and reality now  split into all
these different layers that I was expploring mentally, going deeper and deeper into them.  Like a giant network of realities combining to form oours.
unfortunately I dont recall much at this point anymore. The next thing I recall is taking the bus home, still very high and trippping a bit.
Thx for reading.

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