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Converting the non believer

A trip with my new roommate

 So it's been a few days since my trip and I finally feel like I got a good enough grip on the thing to actually articulate it. So as most do let me start with a little back story to express the uniqueness (if that's a good word) of this trip. So first of all me and my roommate Nick have known each other for a while I'm pretty sure sense elementary school but we didn't talk to each other until about middle School. Me an nick are pretty much poler opposites on the surface, he's into rap culture pretty big and has a lot of the stereotypical traits that come with it witch is fine and dandy to each their own but i always thought it was weird we hung out because I'm your stereotypical rock/edm loving hippie and those qualities can be confrontational at times. I've been convinced for a while now the reason we stayed cool was because of weed. The only reason this is significant is because when it comes to Any other mind altering substance Nick's against it even alcohol, and he's one of those people who looks down on any one for doing them so I've never pushed anything on him (except bews from time to time) because of his views on life. When I started growing mushrooms I always was and am eager to show any trustworthy people my garden nick being my roommate I figured what the hell and to no surprise he thought it was dumb and criticized me for being stupid essentially and that was the end of showing him anything mushroom related at that point, Untill Christmas day. All the days festivities had come to an end and me and him were back at our place after all of our family Shit was done with and I decided to check on my shrooms that I had just harvested a few days ago and where now drying in my closet. To my surprise they where all ready (Christmas miracle right) I got just over 6 dryed grams of b cubensis off 2 cakes and was just admiring my yeild on the counter when Nick walks in seeming a little irritated and asks if I wanna get fuck up witch is unlike him completely especially when he asked if I had any liquor I pointed at the freezer and told him help himself and as I did I watched his head turn right to the mushrooms and he asked if they where ready to eat. I told him "Yea I think so (this was my first batch) but I haven't tested any yet so what knows" 
Thin he asked me if we can take some I figured he was joking, but i already had the scale out and handed him 2 grams thinking he would pussy out and give them right back but he ate the whole fucking thing I was shocked. And after all my research on hear saying "cubes are cubes" I would like to  officially join the that's bull shit camp. I wouldn't say our trip was anything special but definitely the strongest trip I've had on shrooms, but I am more of an acid guy but still up there with those trips too. But for me it started slow, we where chilling playing some PlayStation witch I don't normally like to do on psychedelics but it was such a spontaneous trip I just kinda said fuck it let the night take is where it takes us and that night it took us  to the couch and I started to notice the slight euphoria fallowed by a nauseous stomach witch went on untill my vision started to become super distorted not like geometric shapes an patterns or colors but like shapes began to implode on themselves but not drastically just enough to make them almost unrecognizable the one example that keeps coming to mind was the characters nose on the screen would be pushed into it's face but not in a cartoon way. And I'm pretty sure it was the shrooms but it started to make me really confused and I didn't know what I was confused about like when you forget what you where doing in the middle of doing it and it really stated to agitate me so I had to get off the PlayStation, I felt a bad trip coming on witch is boarder line normal for me when I trip and those thoughts set in that all of us who have had bad trips know so well "holy Shit I did it this time I'm never going to be sober"
"OMG I'm going to die" 
So on and so forth you get the point.... 
But sense this is some what of a normal thing for me I've developed the vary handy skill of sit in the corner shut the fuck up don't tell anyone you're dieing or you'll be in a psych ward by time the sun comes up if you're tripping still tomorrow deal with it then. Now this doesn't really help if you wanna feel better but it will keep you from scaring your friends and that's a .  knowing I was losing my shit I turned to Nick who I thought for sure he was going to be losing his shit just to find out he was gone. So I walked up stairs in the now pitch black house and found my friend sitting upright in his bed,  not being able to say much because of the fact I was losing my shit  and now becoming increasingly more terrified I could only ask if he was sleeping ( he was sitting upright stairing me right in the eyes obviously not sleeping) and then he mumbled some shit that I couldn't understand so I just turned around and went downstairs where I think I went through the start of an ego death I don't know. I remember holding on to the thought of my brother vary strongly but totally forgot everthing else who I was what I was doing why I was doing things but I could remembered that the image in my head was my brother that's it and couldn't even smoke a bowl because I keep thinking why would you do that there's no point there's no point in anything and at this point nick comes down the stairs with a big smile on his face and started laughing telling me he thought I went to bed and he was down stairs sitting on the couch and it completely flipped my trip and I wasn't confused at all my memory came back slowly and we sat on the couch talking philosophy and trying to come up with metaphors for the psychedelic trip experience and the best we could come up with is it's like all of the sudden you wake up and realize that your a clock and you see all the intricate gears and cogs that make you tick and your in Total aww that your just a  clock being a clock doing clock things and you'll never understand how it all works but your so Happy to have the opportunity to try. So at the end of it all it turned out to be one of my favorite trips. And the reason for the long into and the title is at the end of the night (6:00a.m.) we had litterly unpacked all the years of us knowing each other and got a really big understanding of each other and he told me he'd always judged me for taking drugs but understands why now and said he felt so stupid for not just not taking shrooms but a lot of stuff in life like trying new food or going to new places. Now he's helping me grow and where planning on another trip to convert one of he's other friends to the shroom side of the Force lol.

Mush love to everyone %u270C and sorry for the rambling

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