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A new world.

Best trip.

I thought I would share one of my favorite trip experiences I have ever had from mushrooms. 

So it was 3 years ago now that I had this trip but it was so great I still remember how it went and will never forget this one. Me and my best friend have taken mushrooms a good amount of times before this but this one took us by surprise. We both took 3.5 grams each of PB mushrooms around 7pm. It was December so it was cold outside and we decided to go in my basement and wait for the effects to start. We wanted to eventually go for a walk because of all the Christmas lights outside all lit up at night time. We thought it would be a cool experience. We are in my basement talking for a little and about 20 minutes go by. I start to feel light and sounds become very clear. No visuals yet at this point but I knew they were starting to hit. My friend doesn’t feel much yet but they always hit me first before he feels anything. We stand up to go outside to smoke a cigarette real quick and I feel like I am as light as a feather with the euphoria and sounds becoming more and more clear. While smoking outside my stomach began to hurt a little so I went to the bathroom real quick. While In the bathroom the euphoria was getting strong and colors started to seem very bright and everything started to appear clear. I knew the visuals were starting at this point but nothing obvious or crazy just yet. I run downstairs to tell my friend what I’m feeling and what’s starting to happen. At this point with everything that was starting to happen my stomach no longer hurt and I started feeling real happy out of no where. My friend started to feel euphoria at this point but nothing noticeable for him just yet. We are back inside my basement sitting on the couch. I begin to giggle and feel real happy at this point. Everything still appeared very clear with bright colors. This is about 35 minutes into the trip at this point. 

Now this is where the trip starts to get more intense and the visuals kick in. We are sitting on the couch and I am just looking everywhere at the brightness and enjoying it. My friend starts to laugh with me and he said he is starting to feel the effects finally. We sit there for a couple minutes laughing at absolutely nothing and not talking to each other at the moment. I look at a picture that is on the wall in my basement. The objects start move back and forth slightly as everything becomes more and more clear. My friend was still sitting beside me not saying anything. I look at the picture again and the objects begin to spin a little very slowly. I knew Arnold this point the visuals were slowly getting stronger. My friend was just staring at he carpet and he said the carpet was morphing. At this point we both agreed it was time to go for the walk. We stand up off the couch with great difficulty as it was hard to walk because we felt so light. We go outside and decide to smoke one more cigarette before walking. While outside I was enjoying the euphoria and the stillness of night. It was so quiet outside it surprised me. Then I look up at the clouds and couldn’t believe my eyes. The clouds started morphing into objects I couldn’t believe. One cloud turned into a train and another turned into a dragon. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I told my friend to look up and the same thing started to happen to him. We couldn’t believe what were were seeing. We sat on chairs outside of my home just looking at these clouds for a good 20 minutes just amazed. Seeing all these object appearing in the sky from clouds. Finally we start our walk again with difficulty talking about how cool the clouds look. I look at the street lights as they turned into fireworks. Then at the Christmas lights which amazed me. I felt like I was in a cartoon or video game at this point or something. I was amazed and could not believe what was happening. I look at my friend and notice him looking all over he place. I ask if he is alright and he says yes he is enjoying the visuals. I told him I was doing the same thing. We both talked about how amazing it was and that we had never had visuals like this before. We never had these visuals before in our previous trips. While walking I look at a car and it begins to roll and drag out as if it was getting longer. This was about an hour and a half in at this point. We continued to walk just looking all over the place. We usually always talk to each but we were amazed we spent most of the time just in our own world looking all over the place. The visuals were so peaceful and calming. I was mellow and relaxed.  I look up at a clear part of the sky with stars out. The stars turned into a Ferris wheel and started to spin in the sky. Finally after walking for another 45 minutes the visuals stared to fade and we were getting cold so we decided to walk back home. The whole time feeling light as if I could jump and float. We get back to my house and we are finally coming down. Talking about how this is by far our best trip and nothing will top this one. To this day this trip is by far my favorite and my friends favorite. We talk about it a lot to people and they can’t believe it. This trip definitely took me by surprise and I thought I would share it on here with everyone. 

Hope you all enjoyed 

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