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Micro-dosing & Bikram Yoga

250mg and 1st Time with Bikram

Well here it goes, thought I would record this while it is fresh on my mind.  I planned my micro-dose of 250mg spot on with a little tingle as I pulled up to the Bikram Studio.  This was my first time doing yoga and in a hot room; however since I have micro-dosed for a year I knew what to expect from the mushrooms and thought this might be a good pairing.  Over the last three months I have been feeling like a lesson I need to learn is yoga, mostly for becoming more healthy, but also in some of my recent trips I keep writing down yoga so lesson learned..let's do hot yoga!

First, the most aware feeling I had was the hot room, I knew it was more a matter of my body not acclimatized to the temperature but as I laid there prior to the start of the session on the floor with my eyes closed I could feel the precipitation building on my forehead and had a higher state of awareness of the sounds (which were mellow) in the room and how my body was feeling.  I like micro-dosing to keep my ego in check and it once again proved to serve me well as I did not worry about how I looked or how sweaty I was or how tight my clothes were (you know from the sweat...).  

As we began the moves I really lost any sense that I was micro-dosing mushrooms I did not feel my normal little tingle probably because I was so focused on learning each move and trying to do them properly.  Then about 60 minutes into the moves (1hr 45m on mushrooms) I realized why people like this so much...you basically are in a setting where you body thinks it is dying and you are trying to grapple with your ego..wait I know this game!  In the prior 60 minutes up to this point I was breathing through my mouth and feeling some of the aches and complaining in my head, had thoughts of passing out, drinking more water then was probably needed, feeling my legs shake on some of the stretches; then suddenly, I reached complete peace.  I remembered pain is a joke.

For the last 30 minutes I allowed my body to die (surrender) saying it is okay this is all not real.  I started breathing only through my nose, using my belly button as the focal point of breathe capacity, in and out.  I did not feel the heat of the room anymore, I did not question whether I could do the next move I just did it like pressing a button on a ps4 controller.  I was the observer controlling the body through the movements and it was bliss.

Like any of these experiences you might just say I would have figured all that out without the mushroom, but it was the state of mind that was familiar to me with what hot yoga does for the body - mushrooms do for the mind.  When you pair the two it seemed that yoga might help with preventing bad trips in the future because you learn to breath and surrender more easily.

After the session I definitely did not have an appetite the rest of the day.  I plan on doing more hot yoga with mushrooms.  I don't think I would enjoy it without the mushrooms as much as it could easily seem tedious and more of a practical exercise always trying to perfect your movements, which I guess are important; however, for me it was about the necessary tension our body needs to have the ego flair up and learn the mental exercises of letting go.



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