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Purgatory trip 125ug

First trip

Trip reports

me(first trip) and 5 other friends Jake(most experienced tripper at time), keylon(first trip), Luke (tripped before), haven (first trip), and Chris (tripped before) we all decided we wanted to trip earlier that day cause we found some tabs   So we bought 6 tabs(1 for each of us) tabs were said to be 125ug each. We go to havens house to meet up with everyone. Me Luke Jake and keylon all drop our tabs at around 9-10pm while haven dropped around 30 minutes after us cause they arrived later. After they drop we decide to get some fire wood and make a Bonfire at this point I'm starting to get some hd vision we get fire going and start talking soon after we hit the giggle stage of come up where we are all dying of laughter. I begin to watch this bonfire that's in front of me move to inches away from my face to hundreds a of feet away just back and forth. We decide to go inside to look in the mirror so me like Jake and keylon go inside we all huddle up into this small bathroom I'm not really getting much visuals inside them out of nowhere we hear a kid (3-4 years old I think) crying asking for his mommy so we walk outside get his mom and she goes inside,don't see her again during trip. We are all back outside and decide lets go for a walk so me like Jake and keylon walk like 10 feet from fire start talking then are like that was a good walk then go back to fire. We all sit back down around fire. At this point I'm getting pretty good visuals about like 1 1/2 hrs in. Jake and Luke are talking sitting on grass, haven and Chris are watching trippy videos on my phone( no idea how they got it or my password lol), me and keylon are just sitting there looking at the stars move around. The sky looked like a dark dark green color and the starts were flashing green and we're moving around like crazy(with the music from trippy video) creating ripples in the sky as if it was water. Jake heard what we were seeing and walked over to see if he could see it to idk if he could or not. We begin talking as a group again laughing I was laughing so hard I feel back in my chair had to put stop myself from falling to and caught myself with my hand but the way I did it popped all my fingers the noise made me think I had broken all of them, but to avoid freaking out over it I just didn't look at my hand till I forgot about it. Me move to this man cave / shed in the back yard for fun just fuckin around and for some reason i thought my friend Luke owned it as if it was his cause he was in the other side of bar than everyone else. I noticed while looking at a wall that I had a melting rainbow going down my vision as if it was a trippy filter ( it lasted for the rest of the trip) we in the shed I think haven started to freak out a bit and went inside Chris being her boyfriend at time went in with her to try helping her calm down. So me like Jake and keylon all keep Chillin in the shed have great time. I start to start have some groupings go on into my head which is a cause of my later freak out. Chris eventually gets kicked out of havens room so she could have some solo time calming down, so he joins up with us again but keylon starts freaking out so all 5 of us decide to go on a walk we make it to the road in front of haven house(this the farthest any of our walks get) keylon is starting to really freak out at this point and is asking Jake for help since he has most expierence. During this walk I'm looking at this tree and I could see it during its whole life all at same time like I could see it as a baby tree, I could see it at its biggest, I could see it in the winter with snow around it, I could see it in fall with its leaves falling off of it, I could see it in summer, etc He walk back to bonfire and sit down keylon decides to go inside to sleep off his trip cause he's over it. He goes inside for like 3 minutes then comes back out saying " I went inside laid down went to sleep woke up and I'm still tripping wtf" Chris I just like that's not how that works you can't sleep away your trip. So keylon upset takes a blanket and walks to other side of yard and just drops to the ground this killed all of us we dyed of laughter the way he just dropped. Chris goes back inside to check on have and about 10 minutes later keylon comes back and is like you gotta come lay down over here but you gotta be quiet. We all walk over and lay down. I'm looking up at the sky and being to have my vison filled with these eyes (the ones you see in trippy pictures) they all had a red,blue and green outline to them until they became my vison but then someone decide they wanted to go back to the bonfire so we all migrated back over there. Now this is were I start to freak out. Sitting around the fire just me luke Jake and keylon I began to group things like crazy. I'd group me keylo and haven together since it was our first trip, Jake Luke and Chris since they had tripped before, me and Luke cause we were quietly expierencing the trip, Jake and keylon cause keylon kept going to Jake for advice, Chris and haven cause they were inside. I than began to get the thought that we could all be the same person then boom keylon walked to Jake and started asking him questions( couldn't hear the questions cause keylon didn't want me or Luke to here cause he didn't think we were real) so every time I would get a grouping thought or a thought that we could be same persons he would immediately go to Jake and say ask him somthing. Literally I get a thought then instantly there goes keylon as if he had gotten the thought also and is going to Jesse for conformation. This began me to go deep into and idea that we were all the same person in purgatory and that we were in different stages of realization. Luke being quiet and calm just Chillin had already figured it out and was just Chillin waiting for everyone one else to figure out, Jake had figured it out but not fully comfortable with it yet, keylon has just figured it out and is freaking out because of it, then me who is just now figuring it out and is trying to understand what is happening. I then thought back to how long we've been tripping and I could remember anything before we dropped and that it felt like many years since we dropped it felt like years since we laid down on grass with low which was actually like 15 minutes early( didn't know that at the time thought it was years ago).  At this point i started to flip tf out in my head going full on mad scientist. I tried to explain what I was thinking to the other three but couldn't do it so I decided to walk away form group and lay down an go deep into the thought and figure it out so I could better explain to them. I ended up coming to two possible outcomes  one being that we will infinitely cycle through the way we are handling it like Luke would revert back to how I'm handling it where I'm just now figuring it out, me going to were keylon is be figured it out, keylon to Jake where he has figured it out but is beginning to accept it, and Jake to where Luke is where he has figured it out and has fully accepted it.  And this would go on for eternity. Second which is the one I went with being the truth is that we were all the same person I was them and they were me and once we had all realized this fact then *poof* we'd move onto what is after this purgatory. After coming to terms with it I began to walk back to the bonfire. Now for the whole trip the bonfire ashes had been super kaleidoscopic at the time I referred to it as seeing into eternity but as I got closer to fire there was one part of kaleidoscopic that got smaller and when I walked away it got bigger. I noticed it as I walked back up to the group Jake was like welcome back but I immediately turned around and walked away again trying to go down the path that was getting bigger. It felt like I was looking at all these different parallel universes and that the one growing and stinking was the one I was in so as I walked deeper into the one I was in I walked in a straight line which felt like years hoping from parallel universe to parallel universe eventually came to the fence of the yard I looked up to the sky and I could see giant beings looking at me watching me. I then turned around to walk back straight to fire again but notice I had not been walking straight like I thought but did a giant curve. Walked back told then about my walk. then the comedown started to hit we were sitting in a circle around the fire which at this point felt like the life of the trip that for as long as it's still burning we'd still be tripping and once it went out he trip would be over. We sat around in a circle and started to smoke the weed we had it was like a half oz. we would just load bowl after bowl and smoke and talk. The weed didn't do much for me I honestly wouldn't even feel it when I would it hit I would clear out the bowl every time I got it cause I couldn't feel the drag or anything but would blow out huge clouds so I was definitely getting weed. We sat around the fire for what felt like years talking about our trips just waiting for it to end when the sun started to rise we decided it was time to try getting some sleep.     

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