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Me and my 3 friends planned to go to my Buddy's abandon apartment room.

Me and my 3 friends planned to go to my Buddy's abandon apartment room. we have partied here a couple time before it was always a chill spot to kick back and do teenager stuff...

At 9:30 we arrived to the apartment and we wasted no time to start eating the mushrooms it was about 10:00 when we finished eating our share of the mushrooms i took an 8th and a half S**** took 1 8th b**** took 1 8th J*** took almost 2 8Th's some more of my friends were supposed to show up at about 10:30 and we began to kill time till they showed up or till the mushrooms began to kick in they started to kick in very fast about 15 min after eating them i noticed them taking effect we all did ...

It was 10:30 and we were all laying down on the carpet when the door knocked J*** went to look to see who it was he came back into the room and said it was the COPS!!! i thought he was joking and the knocking continued immediately i stood up and turned off the lite, the only way out was to jump off the back balcony i ran to the balcony and looked down it looked like it was only 10 feet from what i could see at 10:30 at night it was very dark and i had no time to think my friends already jumped so i jumped two it was about a 15 foot drop the cops started coming from around the apartment i could see the flashlights and i could hear the cops feet on the ground some how i got up and began to run i looked back and 1 officer took down my friend J*** and the cop screamed FREEZE!!! DON'T RUN i looked back o more time and all 3 cop had there guns drawn and pointed at my friend on the ground who was getting handcuffed he took aim at me was i was already gone out the back way of the apartment complex as i got to the front of the apartment i passed 3 more cops they simply looked at my and looked away i got to the sidewalk of the apartment and i bolted it down the street my buddy B**** was right behind me now and we were almost neck and neck when we noticed all the cop cars there was 6 squad cars and about 11 cops we both were very scared and nervous we couldn't think so we turned back and gave up there was 2 more cops already running for us we were done.

The cop that drew his hand gun on my was arresting me now all i could think was how i was going to freak out and get sent to jail and all i knew was that this was going to get worse it was 10:50 when they rounded all of us up and had us all seated agents the wall.. well my friend J*** broke his foot from the balcony drop but he wasn't going to tell the cops because he thought that they would have him go to an ambulance and they would be able to tell the was on something the 3 cops started searching us we were lucky enough to hide the mushrooms 5 min before the cops came to the door and they never found the mushrooms but they knew were on something they just couldn't prove it. we were all trippin and it was very obvious we were try out best to hold it all together

After they took down all of our information they said they would let us go with breaking and entering and we got our parent called to get picked up and i was first to get un-cuffed and i could not stand up straight i was stumbling all my words and i could not understand what the officer was asking me i tried my best to concentrate on what he was saying ... "how much have u had to drink tonight?" he asked me i said, " NO! im 100% pure sober officer sir" then he turned me around and looked DEEP into my eyes i was over whelmed with fear then the shadows under the cops eyes began to stretch out and away off his face making a evil look on his face i don't remember what my facial expression was but then something caught my eye it was a large green spiral or slinky like thing on the ground i tried to focus but it was impossible to not get distracted

For the rest of the night i had to go home and go right to my room and i remember contemplating suicide a couple time it was the worst feeling even tho all the bad was over i still was getting worse in my bad trip all i could think about was cops and the cops maby finding the mushrooms in the apartment and how much trouble i was going to be in .... That was my worst trip ever!!!

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