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6g First Time Hero Dose

Life Changing Experience

Greetings all.  Long time Lurker, first time posting.  Lets get to the point. I did a lot of psychedelics in the 80s, but always socially and never a hero dose.  I haven't taken mushrooms in over 20 years.  Last year, I felt a strong urge to dose.  This weekend i ingested 6 grams of strong p-cubensis.  The first 1.5 hours was just hard, i felt like I was on the edge and it was kinda irritating.  I started questioning the strength of the cubes, my psyche, etc.  I was seeing very vivid fractal patterns, but I could also see the room, and was pretty clear headed.  I was also experiencing auditory hallucinations.  Around hour 1.5, shit got real.  A symbiotic entity shared a breath with me through what can only be described as a void between this dimension and another.  I re-lived a repressed childhood memory of a large inter-dimensional  spider infecting human children in my daycare.  However, my symbiot had connected to me before birth and was protecting me from this entity.  It has been with me, and a part of me in multiple dimensions throughout time.  It expressed that these spider entities control and use humanity for entertainment, but the octoids were here to teach humanity how to free themselves from the spider entities.  I was instructed that the reason I had dosed after 20 years, was that an indifferent GOD was disappointed that I was an atheist.  It didn't care what I did, it only wanted me to experience this physical reality it put me in, and to know that it existed, that there is no free will, and I should be indifferent to things that are out of my control, and to go with the flow.  I spent the next couple of hours on the floor in humility while this God like entity downloaded me with more information than my human brain could comprehend.  Then all of a sudden I was like, ok... I'm done, and completely regained my self.  This was one of the most amazing and profound experiences of my life.  I think this has changed me forever in a positive way.

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