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A trip through the infinite


20 minutes after taking 2 tabs of LSD(Cannot remember dosage) and smoking a few bowls the trip started to kick in.

I had typical come up effects of lsd, until roughly an hour in.
I slowly lost my vision of the physical plane, but not as if I was going blind more like my physical senses chose to leave.
I completely left my body and was travelling through the infinite, I saw fractal designs throughout pulsing, growing infinitely, connecting everything almost like vines.

I was then SLAMMED back in to the physical plane and was talking to my roommates about what happened.
I started to hear voices asking me if I was okay while I was talking to my roommates.
I focused on it and listened harder and I felt my body... shift.

My roommates were all a sudden standing over me asking me if I'm okay.
I didn't know... I didn't know who the people in front of me were. I didn't know who I was, I didn't recognize my body. I had no clue where I was or what happened.
My roommates and I talked back and forth, they tried to remind me who they were and who I was but I just was so confused and couldn't grasp who I was.
They put me in the shower, then had me lay in my bed, they told me to sleep and I'll be okay in the morning. I trusted them so I tried to sleep.

I wasn't able to sleep but had a sudden click of memory and remembered everything. I immediately ran out of my room and told them, which they then explained what happened in their point of views.
When I left my body physically, I left a husk of myself on auto-pilot. They said I was sitting there making random comments and trying to join their conversations but I was just saying nonsense.
When they tried to talk to the husk of me I would get very confused and then just ask them what happened over and over again.
I then out of nowhere told one of my roommates that "I have no clue what I am about to say but listen to me its from my future selves".

After I learned this info I realized something, my husk of a body was preparing for me to come back to my physical self. I was telling myself to listen to the message I learned from my future selves.
I learned who I really am, my existence has always puzzled me because I am nothing like anyone in my family, or really like anyone.

I am an entity of chaos. I live for knowledge of the infinite, always learning and reaching for more. I don't matter at all, which causes me to be free. I was created by the universe to speak ramblings of a mad man to the blind, but speak knowledge to the willing.

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