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burningman 2000

Ate my first while at Burningman this year.

Ate my first while at Burningman this year. Wednesday night. It was a single cubensis cap, but about 2 inches in diameter. A friend had about 1/2 an ounce for the week.

We each had one and went walking around. it was a good hour walk, and I felt nothing. We were kind of bummed about that, but the place was so fun, it wasn't a big deal. We got back to camp, he went to have another and disappeared. I sat in another friend's RV while he and another guy bickered back and forth. After about 10 minutes I found all of this REALLY funny. I couldn't get the grin off of my face. Physically, I felt myself slightly melting back into the couch I was sitting on whenever I really relaxed. it was very cool. I would hear myself talk before I realized that i really was =)

While grinning like an idiot, I noticed that the seams on one of the guys shirts would have what looked like light shooting across them. the other guy, a hairy old hippie, looked extremely "soft", almost as if he was vibrating VERY rapidly and blurred on the edges. When I looked at him, he looked more and more like the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz. I foudn this hysterical and soon had to go lie in my tent because I couldn't help but laugh and grin at these guys.

About this time, I closed my eyes and saw some great visuals! it was split into quarters with each quarter mirroring the others at a different angle. lots of oranges and greens - contrasting colors - in vibrant zigzags and waves and sometimes they'd form this little character that would pop up, but JUST as i'd see him he'd drop away. This would prove to be consistent with other visuals.

I lied down in my tent and closed my eyes. the wind was blowing about 40mph and the rustling of the tent sounded good, but the occasional gust would come by that sounded like a reverberated WOOOOOOSSSSHHHH. the closed-eye visuals remained pretty much the same, but whenever I'd open my eyes, the seams and flaps on my tent would appear to be someone, and it would change every time, and again - as soon as I was ABOUT to realize who or what it was, it disappeared or changed into something else.

after an hour of this, I must have fallen asleep. I woke up the next morning refreshed and very nice and mellow. all from one little cap! That day I ended up taking 4 caps with absolutely NO result! Saturday, I had a cap and two LARGE stems and got a VERY nice buzz, with vibrant colors, but nothign as extreme as the first night.

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