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1 OZ dried cubensis (not so fun)

Heroic Dosage

                                                                The Worst Trip In My Life

                  Hello, may I start this off by saying I'm a huge huge fan of this site always has been and used it to get the most direct information since I was a teenager back in the good ol days Although I have made an account until just recently after this last trip I've had. I do apologize about any grammar errors ahead of time give a man a break (haha it is my first report, at least.) Yesterday I ate an entire ounce of golden caps... yes I know, stupid right?!
(now mind you I am quite experienced and understand that I took "heroic dose")
About Me: Hey guys as you may have guessed it, I am an heavy equipment operator and my boss is a crazy cross eyed fuck, who Ive also known since all my life! I do enjoy my line of work very much so that I litterally live at the site, now that's dedication! So I am by the way if you haven't noticed a lover of electronic music or EDM. I also enjoy much much more genres such as classic rock. This is who I am no one special just some young 22 year old dude here to tell his scary story 1(/50 trips basically)

Setting: (.8 miles along a freeway in California surrounded by mountains, dirt, trees, excavators, scrapers, dozers, water trucks, etc typical heavy ass earth moving equipment that's old as farts. 
Time: Saturday 4:00 pm November 6th

Anyways I just got back from a terribly long drive and decided ehhhh fuck it, ehhhh maybe I'll try a ounce.)
10 mins later my stomach felt a little violent, and I thought it was strange because I never have felt my stomach in pain from mushrooms so I thought that only meant I was gonna rocket ship to the moon...
Something quite different happened as I looked around from the top of a huge pile of rocks and landfill I was just laying on, I noticed colors to blend almost immediately I then proceeded to get up and just walk around for a bit, staring at the trees and the traffic flowing by. Then I heard a really loud ringing noise then it really it hit me.... I put on one of my fav jams "the echoes" by Pink Floyd on my little iphone and kinda just started laughing at the machines enjoying the way they would randomly shrink and enlarge like those carnival mirrors. My stomach hurt a lot now I couldn't enjoy the trip any longer my stomach hurt too much so I tried crackers and water (because my mouth was too dry for crackers alone) of course it didn't work so I immediately just looked at my boss and said "Well this is a first." 
Shoved my finger down my throat and puked out all the mushies and just stared at my puke laughing at it and then noticed the rocks were vibrating and I could see light shine, as I looked around and focused on things the visuals wouldn't stop which I thought was awesomeness but my stomach still hurt a bit so I went over to the these cement road blocks and just puked the rest out laughing immensely the whole time of course and then noticing the wall to morph into people's faces... like long faces with long ears and evil grins... and then I looked down the row of block and and they all got really close like 100foot span appeared to be like 50feet so after awhile of just laughing at this wall I start hearin voices screaming and I begin losing myself I tried to stay positive for awhile but It got worst it felt like the world was about to end the ground wa vibrating everywhere I went things were morphing into another a trash bag flew by me and looked like a morphing gray anomoly of some sort like, almost like the last time I did mushroom I took about 16 grams and saw visuals of the sort (only in a dark room) but it was much much more pleasant then.
So like 1 hr into the trip I just run into my trailer that I've been sleeping in and laid on the couch, and of course the trailer started breathing and the generator behind it sounded like a high pitch bubbling noise on top of other strange noises, sounded low frequency and cars passing sounded like lighting almost...
I closed my eyes and got scared as I saw a bunch of evil evil faces laughing at me like I've never heard laugh before I open my eyes to everything being tiny red then octagon shapes I knew I was fucked. 
I couldn't see much or move anymore my body felt as tho it fell through the couch almost just suck into it and was disabled in a way...
I screamed for help (pleaded for it almost) finally gathered the strength to go outside with the most straight face I can muster I turned to my boss and he started making funny faces which kinda made me laugh for a second I seriously tried to forget what was wrong but it only got worst from here 
I told him, "the shrooms were winning the fight and I might lose hold of reality soon" and then kinda just walked away groaning and holding my stomach as it did still hurt I went back in the rv and called my best bud from MN who is also very experienced in experimenting with psychedelics I asked him why I was feeling so disgusting and hearing so many evil things... he told me I just need to relax and drink some milk with a xanax I kept getting distracted by the terrible the generator behind my trailer, it turned off and back on the new everything went from one type of hallucination to whole other and then I started laughing and then got scared again when the noises came back..(Now mind you I know about setting and I can take a quarter oz in public as long as I'm not in stores or talking to anyone even tho on most trips I feel like I see through people, see the real them and it often doesnt bother me, although they are much more serene I'm nature of course) Anyways back tothis trip!
So my buddy Brian saids,
"many you sound fucking trashed I wish I was fucked up as you all I got is this fire blow!" 
I told him I wanted to trade places with him so bad rn and that he doesn't want to feel what I mean feeling lol... 
"The new he said wann a trade bodies? 
"Rn? So bad please," I replied. 
"Hop through the phone hmph!"
"Okay hmph" 
"Wow your really tripping balls huh?"
"Yeah bro I wish ou were here man, I'm Fucking scared."
"Awh don't be scared bud everything's gonna be okay trust me no one
 eats a ounce of shrooms and doesn't freak out! I'll buy you a plane ticket,
Just to see you soon bro love you I gotta go now!"
(I was laughing tremendously as I close down my eyes praying I would be in his body driving down the streets of MN, an for for a few seconds it almost didn't feel like I was in his eyes but the whole conversation felt as tho I was sorta sitting right next to him it was very comforting but then he had to go husband friend was getting in the car..
So I told him call me later if he could because I'm so scared of the voices and noises telling me basically making me feel like I'm nothing.
After we hung up I ran around pacing, I ran outside far away from any noise but the wind and crackling of cars flying by the freeway then the rocks all around me began to laugh at me and metal was morphing and bending I ran back to the trailer and noticed I was always happy in a mirror laughing at myself and understanding myself easier as I look into it 
So I looked in the mirrror and it became very cold, and swamp like almost aley
In the room all around me. Then it happened I looked up at myself and I wasn't exactly myself...demonic face long long nose hair looked almost in curts on my forehead and Linda started screaming l up a little probably from flipping out.
I slipped into bed and nothing got better I looked a thing my watch and noticed it's almost two hours in and it's  getting worst.  
I tried to listen to a therapy session from psychedelic shaman it scared the the fuck out of me I through my phone, then my watch, and lastly my hate and I grabbed a blanket and started screaming because of all the loud noise and aboauletly no silence once so ever, I litterally screamed my lungs out I can barely speak today I screamed so much yesterday.  
My bosses nasty tweeter chick came in and I begged her to get me milk and a xanax, so she runs to the other trailer for milk and a xanax bar,  I asked the lady to just stay there because I thought I was going mad hearing voices in my head so so constantly I couldn't enjoy the hallucinations (which were so stronger than I've ever experienced before) she stook it out with me for about 20 mins more of screaming and well feeling my muscles constrict like tighten and twitch almost? Then I fell asleep and there I was flying through space but it was wasnt fun either,I didn't feel my body I tried to open my my eyes and look at my arm but it didn't work too I then woke up screaming and the room appeared so full of light an gyroscope shaped enomlies and the wallpaper looks like it was just wet paper being twirled around 5 mins after this it all settled down a bit 
(the people screaming in my head) 
I sat down outside with the nice breeze and drew a deep breath in, thanking go that the worst was over... the rest of night was amazing I put on some live videos of EDC this year and was just loving music and started playing around with some glowsticks I found. Haha oh and sorta pushed my boss into a table a whole he was walking in because I think I was just so excited for it all to be over.

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