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LSD and Nalaxone

Taking LSD with 6mg of nalaxone and 12mg of Buprenorphine

Several days ago I purchased 14 hits of 200ug lsd blotters. They're oh so very :) I initially planned on taking 3 or 4 of them, but instead settled on taking 2 considering the fact that I had t tried them yet and wasn't sure of exactly how potent they were going to be. 
The effects were very strong and very very visual. The effects started to become noticable after only about 15-20 minutes and the onset was very rapid.

I had been fasting all day hoping for optimum effects. I also went to the store a purchased some tangerine oranges and apples for snacks during the trip if I felt hungry.
Also, I've been perscribed 1 1/2 8mg suboxone strips per day for several months now. These suboxone strips have 8mg of buprenorphine for every 2mg of nalaxone. Nalaxone is an opioid receptor antagonist, and there has been a substantial amount of discussion in the past over how nalaxone can effect an lsd experience. 
Some people say that they believe the nalaxone would hinder the effects of lsd, as others believe that the nalaxone could actually amplify the effects. Anyways, I figured this might be a worthwhile experiment, seeing as there doesn't seem to be much research out into this topic.

I start out by taking half of an 8mg strip in the morning when I wake up. Then I took another 4mg at 2pm.

7:15pm - I slip the 2 pieces of blotter paper beneath my tongue, tucking them in the back corners as far back as I can get them. I then process the watch an episode of Rick and Morty on my laptop lol

7:40pm - I start feeling that physical anxiety set in, as all the colors of my room become much more vibrant. I start to dwell and obsess over how overwhelming and insane the shadow being cast by my ceiling fan and the light on it is. I contemplate the need to turn the light off because of how intense this sensation is. To my amazement, the effects have already begun, and very strongly might I add. 

8:00pm - It's not even been an hour yet, and the effects are very strong. The visuals began with the wall and ceiling patterns melting and dancing about vividly, and total color changes.  I also start experiencing nausea at about this time, which is worth noting since nausea is t something I always experience with lsd. I definitely have before in the past, but I would say it only happens about 10% of the time for me.

9:00pm - By this time the visuals are very intense. When I look at my hand there's a dozen translucent hands overlapping it branching out in all directions. The tracers are lasting for extended periods of time, and it's almost a full moon outside without a cloud in the sky, so I decide to go for a walk. 
Once I get outside, the overwhelming near blinding brightness of the moon is immense. I can feel the multicolored moonlight a thing my body. The moon itself appears as a beautiful angelic white rose in mid blossom. I start off on the walk.
I instantly begin to notice the heavy drowsiness in my limbs. Walking normally feels impossible. Each step felt like very mechanical and insincere. It feels as though I've been walking for 20 minutes when I'm in fact only about 100yards down from my house lol I decide that trying to walk around felt like way too much of a chore, so I decided to find a spot to hang out and just sit or lie down somewhere.
10:00pm - By this point I'm definitely peaking, so I decided to walk back to the house. Once I get to my room I put in some good music which I had been reccomended by some fellow shroomerites and zoned out for about an hour. I then delved deep into my mind drifting around through kaleidoscopic bliss until about 5am. I then took an ambien, returned to bliss to eventually drift into  a vivid dream which I awoke from at 10:00am feeling incredible :)

So, in my experience, the nalaxone certainly had no ill or suppressive effects on the lsd. If anything, I felt as though it almost amplified the physical sensations and visuals brought on by it. It was a very magical and pleasant experience and I am very satisfied with the blotters I got, and plan on doing some more "research" lol on lsd and the effects it has in combination with nalaxone in the near future.

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