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Level 5 Induced Psychosis from Wax Dab

Psychosis Induced Dab

************** Comment Update **************

So recently I was informed that there was a thinning additive added to the mix. Why no one wanted to be honest shortly after and come clean I'm speechless. This also explains why he was quick to toss it in the freezer to probably keep us from noticing the liquids running on the parchment paper if left at room temperature.

PG / VG are old additives used in e juice liquids which are slowly fading out because they are too thick and people have bad reactions to PG.

There is a new chemical entering the scene which everyone has probably already experienced in vape pen cartridges called PEG or Polyethylene Glycol which is a thinning agent to turn wax / shatter into a less vicious concentrate that runs better in small vape pens.

The truth is no one knows what these chemicals will do to you in the long run. But heating them up or producing fumes instead of vapor creates toxins rather than being beneficial as intended in vape cartridges.

So I'll be somewhat front about this little story.

1. Cannabis is probably not to blame. But hallucinations do occur. The state of psychosis and loss of connection to reality is probably a side effect of the additive in the mix.
2. Stay away from anything on parchment paper. 99.9% of the time it's probably home made and not properly purged and who know's what's been done to it.
3. I've made countless batches of shatter, wax using Ethanol ( Ethyl Alcohol ) 200 Proof and even with basic purging. Had amazing results, taste/flavor, and nothing but good experiences.

************** Thank you, long story short. But if you want to read and see how this effected me. Please do *******************

Hello everyone.

So I don't usually post , I now days just usually browse the forums for informational use. But this is one exception I'm going to make because I wanted people to become aware of the potentials of dabbing.

Let me start off by saying I'm not new to dabbing and I am not shooting it down or anyone who intends as using it as a main or secondary use of delivering medicinal or recreational substances. I am all for cannabis and everything alike.

I've participated in countless dab sessions before and introduced a lot of new people to it as first timers. Also being well aware of a proper way of dabbing to prevent what most or a lot of first timers experience harsh experiences from over heating or over dosing.

Let me start by making this very clear. I over did my boundaries and this is what let to a terrifying surreal experience which probably hasn't yet persuaded me to avoid dabs but be more cautious and attentive to helping people understand the risks of proper moderate use of dabbing and concentrates. I believe the person who supplied the wax when he said it was 100% cannabis THC and not altered or laced in any way shape or form. I myself have experience in making wax, shatter, crumble of different kinds and take pride in the knowledge and experience behind learning how to work with these different forms of concentrates and chemicals used to produce different variations of them with proper purging etc. So upon looking at the concentrate I can say it was smooth and clear, unaltered and had a full melt upon consuming it. It was really pleasant until shortly after.

So on with the story,

I myself would put myself above the average cannabis consumer. I enjoy back to back blunts alone or in rotation and when i was in a prime time with concentrates I could handle wax better than almost everyone around me. A lot of people around me still haven't quite grasped the concept of capping a nail or low temp dabs to fully experience the terps and ultimately lead to a better experience when dabbing. So I knew my limits very well. If I wanted to rip a red hot nail and get stupid I would.

But about 3-4 weeks ago I took what I would call a 2 week tolerance break without smoking anything. During the time off I didn't consume any mushrooms or psychedelic substances. I was actually feeling really good about myself. Pretty aware and responsive. Quick on thinking and just all around, there.  It was nice.

There was one day maybe 2-3 days prior to the level 5 trip where I had taken a single hit off a cartridge of banana thc oil through a vape pen and it gave me a mild buzz but not even a major high.

So onto the day of the trip. I came home from work and while listening to music awaiting the arrival of my friends from their daily jobs I hadn't smoked anything and didn't even intend on it. It was just becoming more of a routine thing hanging out and listening to music. We all stood around a bit in the front and talked normally as we have many time before. Then out of the blue a good friend of ours that doesn't come around too often showed up with some wax on parchment paper which to me sounds home made but who am I to judge, looks good, smells good, hit good. It was wax.

So we all went inside to prepare and he threw it in the freezer for a minute while we prepared the rig setup and what not.

My other two buddies went first because me being respectful and not wanting to be too expectant of getting anything I only would of taken a hit IF I was offered because of my choice to take a tolerance break and trying to actually commit to it. But, me being me I wanted to put my tolerance to the test and see how the experience would differ. And did I get a fucking major awakening.

My other two friends who went before me had smoked a joint or bowl prior to taking the dab so they had some effect going already, not to mention they were moderate users and smoked on the regular. So friend 1 goes first, has a decent size dab on the end of the dabber and we fired up the torch and got the glass bowl heated up and dome ready to cap it off. He took his rip and from the size of the dab he took the bowl still had a nice puddle of wax still sitting in it from him not being able to clear it all. So friend 2 is up and the guy who brought the stuff over was more than generous enough to supply a big hit to each of us. So friend 2 looks at him nuts when he handed him a dab the size of double linked rat shit on a stick. So he felt inclined and scraped off what he had handed him and just heated up the bowl with what was left from friend 1 and capped it off. Had a massive hit left in it. So they choked it off and went about with their experience.

( Ok let me cut in here and say this is probably where I made a huge mistake. Very huge. )

Our friends are big animal people. We love the exotic stuff. So as my friends were dabbing I went over to my friends snake tank and pulled out his 5-6 foot red tail boa and threw it around my neck. I enjoy holding them and letting them grab on and absorb the warmth from something warm blooded. They'll chill there around your neck for hours if in a cold environment. I don't mind this at all, but ...

So here I was like ohhhhh yea, should I or should I not. So the provider of wax said it ... "You're up". I got excited lol. Surreeeeeee 2 week break, why not it'll be awesome. In typical me fashion I was like I got this. Everyone was in the living room at this time and I decided to swipe a big chunk of this stuff and go to space.

Often time people who dab forget to breathe frequently or go out and get some fresh air so. The snake I had on me had a nice grip around my neck to the point my veins were popping out of my head and my voice was muffled slightly. But I was in no way alarmed or frightened from it. It's normal for them to grab on to an extent with excessive force so they feel comfortable in not falling. I let him do his thing and kind of laughed it off.

I took the dabber and had a very nice big hit on the end of it. Fired up the torch and got the bowl just barely to the point of being red. I let it cool down to the point of almost being able to touch it with my hand above it knowing taking this massive chunk of a hit on a red hot nail would fuck my night up. I swirled the dabber around getting it all over and capped off the nail with the dome and continued to clear it. But couldn't get the job all the way done. I choked out before I could clear the whole thing and a massive cloud shot out. So I recouped for a second and cleared the remainder of the hit left in the piece and blew it out. Instant mind fuck. I was high as bawls and leaning over for a second trying to catch a breathe I finally straightened up and walked around a bit.

So we all are fired up from the dabs we just took and I have a snake wrapped around my neck depleting my brain of oxygen on top of the dab that probably didn't make things better by slowing down my heart rate even more. ( I know the heart rate thing is debatable depending on strain and person ).

I went outside and joined my friend who had cleared friend 1's puddle in the bowl and we both kind of looked at each other like WTF man. He said he was basically gone from the dab on another level. I looked at him in all honesty, within 10 minute of doing the dab I told him this was a stronger high and at this point a stronger trip than any mushrooms I've taken before in the past.

This was just a dab folks. I was in trippy land. And this was just the first 10 minutes. The next few hours I will try to sum up as best I can because I don't remember 90% of what happened that night. I found out more the next day and it was not pleasant. So on the front porch I went through about 4-5 levels of mind fuckery.

Stage 1 - Inside taking the dab insant high.

Stage 2 - Outside, losing balance somewhat enjoying shape shifting visions and tingly feelings all over. The snake still wrapped around me felt molded to me as one like he could never fall. It felt like an extension of my own body. As if I could point my finger in a direction in the snake would travel my arm to the direction of pointing like we could talk to one another. It felt unreal. I was very happy and uplifted. About 10-15 minutes goes by and we're all outside chilling. The snake started acting up so I decided to put him back in his cage.

Stage 3 - I went back outside without the snake and joined everyone. This is where I started losing recollection and thoughts ran wild. My happy came down really quick and I started going into the ego death because I faintly remember various things spaced out in between each other while forgetting a majority of what happened. I took a few steps around out in the driveway practicing my balance on a parking block looking around when I suddenly went into a hallucinogenic spiral. I told myself to take a few deep breathes and that's where I lost it. My thoughts and mind went into what I would describe as tunnel vision but very hallucinogenic. The tunnel I was seeing began to take over my thoughts and I was questioning weather or not I was still alive after telling myself to breathe. The circle pattern tunnel started turning into objects i saw on a regular basis like a spider with eight legs stretched out to every edge of the circle. I was questioning this like life began from spiders ? Then the spider legs branching out turned into something similar to mycelium growth branching out in equal but opposite directions filling the circle I'm still seeing in my mind. This eventually led to plants, flowers and everything growing from the center of this circle but not escaping the edges of it. It looked like an infinite tunnel. I started thinking about the color green after plants, then aliens had come to mind. This is where I started to tell myself I had to get out of here or I was afraid I was going to be stuck forever. 

At this point i was completely oblivious to my surroundings and lost all connection with reality. I was in the driveway still going through this hallucination of thoughts. I don't remember anyone coming over to me while I was in the driveway hallucinating but I remember my friends voice asking me what time it was to check if I was ok. I'm glad he noticed I was out of it and started paying attention to me. I kind of snapped out of the hallucination with his help thankfully getting me to think about present time and it took me a second to respond but I knew it had to be somewhere between 10-12 oclock. I might of been off a little but I told him and he asked what day. I told him Wednesday. I was right. So I was not completely lost in thought. This brought me back momentarily.

Stage 4 - I vaguely remember him telling me after we moved from the driveway closer to his door step to go home and sleep it off. Nothing anyone was saying to me at this point was registering and I was still in my own world. The guy who brought the stuff over was standing in front of me and all I could remember was the color of his shirt he had on and the logo printed above the top left of his chest for his painting service. His shirt was blue and this played a role in the following events. I remember us talking about what we just smoked and he was explaining he didn't know how it was so good. He said "Idk, it just comes out that way" This is the last thing I remember that night to an extent. While we were standing on my friends porch I recognized a star he had stuck to his door just below the peephole that had a slight similar visual representation of the spiral in the tunnel image above ^^^. This put me right back into a thought process of the galaxy, stars, aliens and again more hallucinations. I remember the word acid being mentioned as I faded away looking at this star just on the other side of the guy who brought the wax over. Acid had nothing to do with the effects I was experiencing. The next few days I realized he was describing my actions and experience being similar to someone on a bad acid trip. Anything else anyone said completely went passed me. Like my friend telling me to sleep it off etc. Nothing was registering at all. I was in fucking lala land. And after the whole star thing, and the word acid being mentioned I don't remember a god damn thing until the next day when they told me what happened.

Stage 5 - Also part of the come down ...

So I can't describe in thoughts what happened, only what I was told the next day. When we were all on the porch and I began to fade away looking at the star on the porch this is where I became really violent. Which for me is completely abnormal. Even on alcohol or other substances I usually mellow out and become really all around joyful and a happy person. Loosening up and having a good time. This is one reason I am considering microdosing mushrooms instead of even smoking marijuana because I suffer from severe depression, severe anxiety, I'm not a socially anxious person I just tend to keep to myself and get lost in thoughts when I smoke. Usually enjoy listening to music and vibe out. But some times depending on the strain of cannabis can either contribute to the affects of anxiety or make it better. This most likely has to do with the THC:CBD ratio within the strain. I am aware CBD is probably a better choice for me. Anyways on with the story.

When I began to fade off looking at the star. I remember looking back behind me across the neighbors driveway that they were walking back and forth. I remember a gas can sitting on top of their car. Not sure of what they were doing but the sudden thought of family came to mind. And I lost it again at this point not sure of who these people were around me. My neighbor walking back and forth across from us I thought was my sister for a second. And I could not remember her name. Then I started thinking of who my mom and dad were, my brother and could not think of their names. I had no idea who the people around me were. But they were my friends. I was questioning weather or not my friend J was actually me in another life and had no idea who even I was. I thought I was just a blip, or a thought, or extension of his reality being me because we are alike in so many ways. So I started questioning at this point if i was even alive or not.

At some point I spit out the words. "Do you want to fight, (name of guy who brought the wax over)" And I have 0 ZERO recollection of this happening until he told me the next day in a text. He looked at me an said, not at all. So apparently my violence kept escalating and I turned towards another friend of mine and went right at him in an attack trying to grab him etc. But as he explained I couldn't even keep myself balanced and stable enough to do so. He said I ended up putting my head against his chest / stomach leaning over trying to grab him. And end up hitting the floor face first going into a mild seizure. Which also I have no recollection of doing so. I don't know how I got up or what happened following that. I was told I also went after my third friend on the porch as well and ended up getting shoved into the grill. Thankfully my friend I had tried grabbing onto let everyone know not to touch me, choke me, hit me. Nothing because he knows as long as he's known me that this behavior was abnormal and not me at all because I have never tried attacking people out of the blue.

So after these violent outbursts, I have no idea in what order they happened. I was told I ended up in the front yard near the street trying to sit on a round skinny electrical cable box and couldn't even sit down on it and kept falling over trying to do so. I apparently also tried getting into my friends car to steal it or whatever my mind had planned without the keys. Which is funny because it's push to start but it never registered to me I still probably needed the keys to get it going and unlock the steering wheel. So none of this I remember. He told me this went on for hours that night and from what I do remember. I believe I started coming down from stage 5 when they probably tried escorting me back to my place to go to sleep. I started coming back to senses at this point on the sidewalk walking back to my place and had no idea why there was a level of hostility towards me. So this made me even more furious now that I actually had some sort of control of my thoughts and the people around me. But had no idea why they were angry with me. I was able to talk to them at this point in verbal exchange but still unsure of the hostility. So I walked indoors and I am not sure how but there was a lamp in the living room that had fallen over and broke. I was worried the dog was going to step on the glass shards or even me. So I began to sweep and clean it up. Stepping on shard that's still lodged in there at the moment of writing this. Oh well I probably deserve it. So I finished cleaning up the glass, threw some pants on and remembered I still had to walk my dog. Blue, who also had a blue leash. This is where I believe the color blue played a major role in keeping me "alive" for say idk ? Or even remotely sane. When I was lost in thoughts I tried to hold onto that, the color blue. Because I knew physically it was my dogs name, it was a dark color at night. And I decided to walk him to do his business. I was still scared shitless lost in thought, stumbling around while trying to navigate my dog around the corner. I vaguely remember walking a line of darkness and light on the ground. I was letting my dog guide me through all of this still scared of weather it was reality or not but I knew as long as I was holding onto his blue leash everything was alright. At some point I must of let him off from his leash on the way home because my friends told me he ran down the street and I was out in the middle of the street stumbling around. Which I also don't remember. So they ended up getting my dog back for me and putting him inside their place scared of my actions and wanting to protect him which I understand. I remember ending back up at their doorstep wanting my dog back and they told me they'd bring him back over shortly so I went back to my place and waited a bit. I was now somewhat back into my senses and aware of what was going on so I went back over next door to get my dog back. They realized I was somewhat normal again and I got him back. My dog didn't even know what to do because he was scared to follow me home. I didn't want to drag him back in anger so I let him adjust to the situation and walk when he felt necessary. My friends were furious with me at this moment so I just kind of played it off with sarcasm and humor having no idea the damage I had just caused to everyone.

I went home, went to sleep. And lets just say the next day things escalated even more trying to put an answer to all my questions. I ened up taking a nice right to the face from one of my friends who was there. Him not knowing the severity of my loss of comprehension and dissociation of reality. It was hard explaining to the people who took the same dab of wax I did how the effects were so dramatically different. So I hope this sums it up.

Long story short, low tolerance level big dab oxygen deprivation = uncontrollable state of psychosis

Sorry this was so long.

http://lmgtfy.com/?q=psychosis from dabs
http://lmgtfy.com/?q=wax psychosis

Be careful everyone. I know it's going to be different for everyone. This is just the first bad experience I've ever had from wax.  

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