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McKenna was right, they do talk

more than 10g of shrooms, talking to aliens

I took plenty of acid and a few mushrooms in my 20s, but stopped when I was 30. Now, ten years later, I've decided to grow me some cubes and go psychonauting again. The first two doses (2g and 4g) were rather disappointing, so last week I've decided to go as far as I can. I didn't measure any amount, I just kept eating a handful and wait for the effect and then decide to eat more or not. Oddly enough I've only had mild visuals, only my feelings, mind and music reacted, but even that not at a level that you'd expect. After two, three or four hours (dunno for sure) I had eaten an estimated 10-15 grams or two 400ml jars full of dried cubes (one jar B+ and one jar McKennaii). I've decided to stop there. The trip was still kind of weirdly harmless, but I've only had one more jar left and didn't want to waste it.

Another hour or so later, something suddenly changed. It almost felt like the effects of the trip more or less vanished, but instead I realized that I am not alone anymore. I felt the very strong presence of two beings in my living room. I switched of the music. I could sense them standing. They were about as tall as my room. They radiated an aura of wisdom, kindness, and something as ancient as time. Suddenly, I've had a voice in my head that clearly wasn't mine. It was deeper much deeper and far more articulate and serious. One of them talked to me telepathically, which was the weirdest thing I've ever felt. It felt like my mind was under control by somebody or something else, but it wasn't unpleasant. The being started talking and I started replying by thinking my reply. Only one of the beings was talking, the other kept observing. It was an entirely telepathic conversation, but I perceived it in actual words, clearly and articulate.

It talked about the state of humanity and where we are now and where we need to go. It talked about me and said that I was one of very few people who understand human evolution, but also where I was in my life and that I need to change, because humanity would need people with my understanding (reading and thinking about existential philosophy, psychology, medicine, history, geopolitics etc. is my hobby). How important it is to finally take responsibility for my life and make use of my ideas (I didn't make much out of it yet indeed). 

Once I came to grips with the fact that I was currently standing in my living room talking to an alien, I've started to reply, but apparently I was interrupting the lesson they wanted to give me, because suddenly it was shouting at me "shut up! shut the fuck up, you don't know everything". I flinched, deeply in awe, and felt like a naughty, chastised child. I said sorry and the lesson continued. Later I was allowed to ask questions. I asked them, if they were extraterrestrial. The answer was yes. If they had been observing me for a long time. Yes again. Humanity? From the beginning. Would they come back again? Yes, I could contact them any time I need to.

The atmosphere clearly was that of a lesson, almost like school just far more fruitful. The voice was very intense and authoritive, but also friendly and benevolent, like a strict but good teacher. At first I didn't quite take it seriously, but after it shouted at me, I was very humbled and in awe. I realized that I am talking to an ancient lifeform/entity/force of nature that was a much, much, much higher intelligence. It was as if I, human, would be talking a fish to help him crawl at land. In the end they kindly said goodbye and I was thanking them. Then they were gone and the trip got back to normal and wore off in a few hours. This was over a week ago and I am still trying to figure it out. I had always been agnostic about aliens or higher beings, but I am absolutely convinced that this was not a hallucination. On the contrary it felt more real than anything I had ever experienced in my life so far. Now I understand what McKenna said about that acid was more psychoanalytic (about your individual subconscious), yet not visionary. This was a deeply shamanic experience and I am now very humbled about the world that I live in and much more conscious about me, my place in reality and about the purpose of my life. I also feel very comforted to know that I am not alone and that there are higher beings that I can contact and ask for advice.

Anyone else had similar experience?

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