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My (BAD) Experience With DOB, Meth and Heroin

I took DOB after having not slept for 4-5 days and while using copious amounts of Meth and Heroin. It ended badly. But changed my life for ever.

My experience all started with the purchase of some LSD. I opened the package, and inside I found a strange piece of blotter about 33% larger than the prospective LSD. At first I just figured I got an extra hit, and that my source was simply feeling generous. To my surprise however, when I took the tabs out, the larger one only had blotter art on the once side. The other side had a printing of "DOB - 1.4mg". I was intrigued, considering I had never heard of anything that could remotely be represented by the initials DOB. So I did a quick google search of the prospective "Drug", and what I found was VERY interesting. 
4-Bromo-2,5-Dimethoxyamphetamine was what I found. If you're as unfamiliar with the drug as I was, just do a quick google search on it and you'll find the same info I did. 
I'm from the PNW, so I fancy myself to be a bit of a connoisseur of the psychedelic arts. I've got tons of experience with picking (and consuming) cyans, azzies, ovoids, libbs, stuntzii, cincts, etc. And tons of experience with LSD, mescaline, DMT, ketamine, and even the other more common RC's, as well as just about every other known drug under the sun. But DOB was a first for me. And probably the only drug I'd ever held in my palm before having some type of knowledge floating around my brain about it.
At the time I'd received the LSD and DOB, I was at a pretty dark point in my life. For years I have been struggling with IV Opiate addiction. It's been very much back and forth in terms of sobriety. And this particular event took place during a very bad relapse. Everything in my life had been falling apart, and I was using both copious amounts of Heroin as well as Methamohetamine. The Meth being of particular importance to the events.
I believe that the combination of Methamphetamine and DOB can result in extremely adverse effects on the physiological as well as psychological systems in the human body. Being as DOB is a psychedelic analogue of an amphetamine, I theorize that the two interfere and react with each other in some sort of fucked up way. My evidence of this is not strong , admittedly; but is based off of my own adverse reaction (though many variables were present), as well as another experience I read detailing a reported DOB OD trip report that included the mixture of DOB as well as Methamphetamine. 

SETTING: I was due to check into a on in-patient Detox facility the next day, 8/25 at 2:30pm to be exact. I had been on a month long binge of IV Heroin use, accompanied by Meth use that was growing exponentially worse by the day. I was living in a hotel, and had been awake for 4 consecutive days using as much of the 2 drugs as I could cram into my veins.

8/24 6:00pm - I'm already at a very fragile state of mind, seeing as how my life is in complete shambles, I've lost practically everything that ever meant anything to me. All had been robbed (rather, forfeited to the drugs) and I knew if I didn't make a change quickly, I would soon die.
I'm sitting at the desk in the hotel room doing endless amounts of goofballs (A goofball is what we hcall an IV injection of a Heroin/Meth mixture) when I recalled the LSD and that mysterious tab of DOB I had received a couple weeks back that was stashed in my sock drawer. I decided that seeing as how this night would be my last night of drug use, I would take the DOB, and see what it was all about. I made this decision in spite of the fact that I was in possibly the worst head space possible, and also that I had not slept in 4 whole days. That's an equation for badness. Then there's the potential for the bad reaction between the DOB and Meth.
8/24 10:30pm - I slip the DOB underneath my tongue. Over the past 48 hours, I had both smoked and injected roughly 2 grams of Meth with a low tolerance, and had also injected roughly 2 grams of Heroin as well. 
I immediately noticed that it tasted very very badly. Sort of like the metallic taste you get from nbome's, but MUCH stronger. Also, there was a very noticeable taste of formaldehyde, which immediately made me want to puke. This smell and taste stuck with me through the whole night unfortunately. 
I held the Tab underneath my tongue for about 45 minutes until in dissipated into paper shreds and formaldehyde saliva, then gulped it down... 
11:30pm - No significant effects really felt yet.
8/25 12:30am - Still didn't feel a whole lot. The experience completely lacked the rapid buildup anxiety I typically get from psychedelics, which caught me off guard for sure. I was definitely expecting more faster. All I'd really felt at this point was dreamy. And not in a good way either. It felt as though I were very disassociated from myself. Things were like a very vivid dream that you dreamt 5 years ago, that still seems detail specific, but just doesn't feel like you were crisply there anymore.
**NOTE** All the while in still cramming as much Heroin and Meth into myself as I can figure out how to do.
1:30am - This feeling of disassociation was still present, but not as much overwhelming as it was at first. I definitely was starting to feel achey and physically uncomfortable though. I literally felt like a cavity. You know how a cavity feels when the dentist stabs his metal instruments into it? Well I had a layer of that sensation coating my entire body.
2:30am - This is definitely where things stepped up a notch, which was shocking to me that the onset of visual distortions/colors/effects would take so long to set in. But at this point I began getting what I would describe as low level lsd visuals. Like imagine you took a hit of acid yesterday, and then the next day took another. That's the level of visuals I was having. Except there was no noticeable "Introspective" quality to the trip, which I associate with most other psychedelics I've experienced. It was at about this point I'd decided that DOB sucked ass, and was near pointless.
2:45am - At this point, I realized that my sense of smell had become greatly enhanced. I couldn't smell, look at or even think about either Meth or heroin at this point without immediately vomiting. 
This may have been my brain forming negatively reinforced neural pathways stemming from the old brain (reptilian brain) and the new brain, in connection to the two drugs that could potentially be useful in any potential future research looking into the ability of using psychedelics to combat addiction. 
Anyways, this caused me to resort to enlisting the help of my friend who was present to not only cook up and prepare my shots for me, but actually inject them for me as well.
When he poked the needle through my skin, I immediately felt EVERYTHING. I could feel the needle pushing through and moving against things in a way I had never felt in all my years as an IV drug user. When he finally hit the vein in my arm, I could feel it pop in very clearly, and the I could feel the pressure of my veins expansion as he injected the fluid inside. At one point, a little bit trickled out of the vein and hurt SOOO bad that I literally yelled like a dog and jumped back, needle still in my arm. This frightened my two friends as they'd probably never seen anything like it, and seeing as how I'm usually cool calm and collected never having had any problems with needles what-so-ever. 
5:30am - As I lie on my bed waiting for my friends to leave once the sun rises. Staring up at the ceiling, I watched as the fluttering patterns of rainbows flowed like silk bedsheets down my plane of vision, but overall the visuals were very weak. I still hadn't experienced any travers and definitely felt as though I had peaked and was coming down already.
7:30am - The sun had risen and my friends were gone, so I decided to take an nice hot shower, and get my suit ready to leave and go to detox. I then proceeded to instead continue my mission of doing every last bit of drugs left to my possession. But the smell and sight of Meth was still enough to exorcise puke demons from my stomach, so I was left only with endless heroin injections to the point of pins, needles and nausea.
1:30ish pm - I reinstalled the smoke alarm in the rooms and got ready to take off. I loaded up the (by far) largest injection of meth I've ever done, which was about 3/5ths a gram, which again for someone whose only been using for a couple weeks is a large amount. At least it was for me. Anyways, I injected the shot and felt that really weird disassociated feeling again, but I wrote it off as not having slept at all for going on my 5th day. I proceeded to do series of 3 shots of Heroin over the next hour that would equal out to about almost 1gram.
2:30pm - I arrive at the detox facility in really bad shape. 
 I had sstarted having uncontrollable muscle contractions all over my body that were violent and uncontrollable. I was losing consciousness about every 10 seconds and would stop breathing. They kept shaking me and yelling at me every time I nodded off. I was on deaths doorstep. The inexperienced nurses and secretaries at the front desk had no idea what to do or how to help. Oh, and by this point the hallucinations from the DOB had become 10x stronger than they were the previous night. Enourmois kaleidoscopic travers were trailing behind everyone and everything. And the walls were all melting significantly. Finally I dozed off for a few seconds only to come back to lying on the floor with a nurse kneeling down beside me shaking me violently yelling at me. They told me they couldn't help me because I wasn't on any benzos lol I know right? I guess I wasn't high enough for them! But they told me they had called an ambulance and for me to stay put. So of course I ran/stumbled to my car and got the fuck out of there.

3:30pm - I drove to a secluded park and sat in my car for what seemed like a lifetime. I knew how close I was to death. I knew that if I didn't find some help, that I was going to die. So I cried. I cried like the day I was born. After maybe ten minutes of this, I did what all great men do when they're lost, scared and don't know what to do. I called Mom.
I got through to her and explained what was going on, and that I wanted to get help and how scared I was. She told me I should've let the drugs take my last breath. And that I'd been dead to her for a long time.
This caused something inside my brain to literally pop, and from that moment I hung up the phone until about 2 hours later I had 100% 0 control over my body and actions. It was the single most terrifying experience of my life. I began crying again, but not like last time. In a terrifying hysteric psychotic type of way. I began screaming until I couldn't scream, and then I began crying again until it turned into uncontrollable laughter until it ba and uncontrollable laughter and uncontrollable crying. 
It was like I could see everything that was happening through my eyes, but I had absolute no control over what what's going on. At the time I had thought that my consciousness and my subconsciousness had switched places, and all that built up anger and fear that's been bottling up over my entire like as a very passive aggressive being just exploded and it broken my mind.
This easily was the most terrified I'd ever been in my entire life and still was the most scared I've ever been. I laid in that grass for 2 hours until the crying died down to a wimper. 
I realized I had officially lost everything and everyone in my life that had ever cared. I also realized that I now only had one decision to make. The choices were to either kill myself, or get my fucking life together and turn shit around. I was just so tired of fighting this battle. I didn't know if I had any fight left in me. That's when I fell asleep.
8/26 7:00am - I'd awoken that morning dope sick as FUCK, tired, everything hurt, psychologically and emotionally numb to a degree, but I had control of my body. And I actually felt good, because I realized I could never kill myself. Which made me really happy because that meant there was only one thing left to do.
1 hour later I was admitted into a free detox clinic. I was accepted into the program. I completed in in 3 days. I got out, went directly into a 1-4 month treatment center. Did great there, and have been sober ever since.
Something that happened to me lying in that grass that day changed me. Maybe something broke, maybe it was the therapeutic release of all the cancerous built up evil that I've been holding in all these years. But whatever it was, I now feel AMAZING and my life is incredible.

The bottom line here is that I almost died, and I attribute that partly to the Heroin. But also the complete psychotic breakdown and psychosis I attribute to inhumanly high levels of stress, fear and anger, all mixing with the DOB and Meth and having not slept in 5 days definitely contributed. I would really love to hear any input you guys have on the experience. Thanks for reading.

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