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Brings it together

Hi everyone.

Hi everyone. Here's my story of the first and only time I've shroomed. It took place in October, at the end of the month. It wasn't extreme but it was perhaps the single most memorable experience of my life.
Anyways, my friend Jesse thought it would be fun to teach me and the others what it was like to shroom. I guess he was kinda like our sensei or something. It was me(Josh), Jesse, Jordan and Joe (I know all J's .. it's kinda odd). Well I didn't really know Jesse or Joe at the time but we all thought it would be fun and go down to the cabin of Jesse's uncle. My other friends Mike, Austin and Jeff go to but Austin just want's to smoke some bowls and Jeff just want's to drink Vodka.

Anyways after about 4 hours we get to the cabin and it's just getting dark. It's like a perfect setting, HUGE conifer trees everywhere and a huge lake, it's dark and there are these jewel like stars in the sky with just the right amount of cloudcover to make it picturesce but not gloomy.
As soon as we get in the cabin we wipped out the bag. We all took an eighth, I didn't think they tasted all that bad but the powdered remains were a bit hard to get down. Then, we lit up a fire off the deck and we all just sat around. It was kinda awkward. Austin had just smoked out three to himself and Jeff was already on his 5th drink. I remember now just how seperate they felt from the rest of us. They just kinda felt out of place.. like two extra cards in a deck and you don't know where they came from.
I suddenly felt all weak all over but also very hyped up, I felt like running. Jordan was tripping first and Joe was just quite. I looked up at the now mostly clear sky and I saw all the stars and suddenly they all connected with white lines kinda like connect the dots. I told the rest and they said they saw it too but I doubted they did. I didn't think they could even understand what I was going through even though theoretically it was similar.
We all decided to go for a walk to the lake and I felt great. I felt like I could die or explode or something and everything would be okay, like the wheel of the universe had a plan and even if it wasn't favorable I would still accept it.
Walking to the lake we passed a field of tall grasses and I could swear I saw every individual blade of green grass in the moonlight, I felt more alive than I ever have.
Once at the lake the water was pitch black and it looked slow like thick tar flowing over itself forming a solid but moving shape. I remember looking up at the sky and I saw the moon and a wispy cloud with a gap in it, as soon as I looked up they turned into two pale blue eyes, they blinked and disapeared. It was like being looked at by something greater and more beautiful than anything. Kinda like I was being remember by what created me.
We walked back and during this whole time Mike was there with us, he was getting along great and being funny and cool at the same time, it was like he was in our world. Later I theorized that he's the type of person that traverses two worlds, that of reality and that of his own, and that's just fine.

We got back to the cabin and I was begining to peak. The Fire was a bright blue, the wooden deck was swirling. Jesse this whole time was just a silent observer looking over his pupils in a way. Joe wasn't expereincing much and Jordan was just saying... "why... how." Jeff had passed out and Austin wanted to sleep so they left us for the night. Soon after I started tripping out, I laughed histarically for about 5 minutes I think, everything just started coming together, everything was breathing, everything was alive. I remember seeing faces in the plants, faces of old men and they were wispering but I don't know what. The trees were reaching their branches all over the place, it was beautiful and vivid.
We all came down around the same point and we picked up these weaved blankets and wrapped them around like shawls it was like we were shamans or something, I felt wiser than ever.
Later that night we went back to the lack a couple times and we drew and stuff with pastels I cant remember feeling more free. We talked about everything and anything, like chimpanzees, and girls, and life.

Overall it was a totally memorable expereince. I would like to do it again but I could live my life never eating another mushroom and I'd be fine because the expereince/journey I went on has impacted me in ways that will shape the rest of my life and now I've made two awesome new friends (Joe, Jesse). It really brought everything together, it made me feel like I was one with the cosmic scheme.

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