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A Trip DownTown

OK, it was a Friday night downtown, and my and a couple of my friends decided to go downtown and hang out.

OK, it was a Friday night downtown, and my and a couple of my friends decided to go downtown and hang out. This little shit that was hangin out with us was named Nic Tonelli. Well this little shit had four tabs of acid.

It seems as so that Tonelli sold on tab to some stupid bitch for 7 dollars. But the night we were goin downtwon, Tonelli was gonna give me 2 tabs and he was goin to take one. Cuz hes a pussy.

When we all got downtown, we went to the movie theatre and were meeting a few people there. Well, just before we went in, me and that little shit took our tabs. I put two in my mouth and he put one in his mouth. We went in the movie theatre and talked to some people that went to Huntington High. I went to the shittiest high school in the district, Ocean View.

So we were in the theater and just chillin. We went in to that one movie, The Excorsisr. (the new version) This kid named Matt, i think, had a bottle of water. But it really was a bottle of vadca. So i drank some of that to add to my trip. But i didnt even feel it one bit yet.

We were being too loud so we got kicked out. So now we are out of the movie. A group of like 30 kids are just chillin downtown, on the corner. Then it hit me. All of a sudden I couldnt comprehend what people were sayin tome. I WAS TRIPPIN!

So were all just chillin, and im talkion to my friends. We go into the candy shop, and I just look around , but i see no visuals......yet. But when i was in a group of people and they were talking to me, I couldnt understand what they were sayin. But I just tried to think in my mind what thy might be sayin to me so I tried to answer back. The only response I got was , What, what r u talkin about, What???
They couldnt undestand what I was tryin to say. At that point I felt stupid as hell. And from that time on, the whole night, I felt like I was dumb and had an IQ of 0.

ALl I could think of in my head was, dont act stupid, dont act stupidWhen a groupo of people would laugh, I wouldnt even know what theyre laughin at, but i would still laugh just to act normal.

Then downtown started gettin boring and it started getting late. So me, my friend Bret, and Nic Tonelli, got a ride to Nics house. When we got the

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