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6gs on a 24 hour fast

1st trip report

First hour: I don't feel anything. Very strange because from this batch I always get the shakey leg and stomach churn in the first 30 minutes.

Second hour: It comes on strong, I'm seeing the most amazing patterns and colors I've ever experienced. I eat a strawberry, pretty good but nothing special. I eat 3 zours (sour candy) and I feel the taste spread infinitely, I feel this shit in my toes. I almost had to spit them out because of how intense it was. It seems like I'm tasting them for a good 10 minutes.

Next 30 minutes?: Not sure of how long this lasted but I started to sink into the sofa and feel uncomfortable and a bit scared. I pull the fluffy blanket closer for some kind of comfort. As I do, my hands start to pass right through it like magic, I can't seem to grab it and I also feel myself fading away. 

The next 3 hours: I am unconscious, I vaguely remember parts of the trip but there is one part I remember clearly because it seemed like it lasted days and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I'm going to try to explain it the best I can. Imagine a window split in 4 squares, each square a different situation. 
Top left is me in front of a massive croud of people. It feels like everyone in the world hates me. I've never felt anything close to this is real life.
Bottom left: I am being held down and forced to watch a loved one be raped.
Bottom right: I get stabbed in the stomach and bleed out on the ground.
Top right: I don't remember seeing anything, just feeling what I would describe as pure evil.
Now place a clock on this window and spiral counter clockwise starting from 12. The spiral starts wide and gets closer and closer to the very center. My body is along for a ride in this spiral, each time I pass through one square of the window I experience it all over again. The worst part was the closer to the center I got the more intense the feelings of each experience got.

The last hour: I finally come out of what seemed like a different life and back to reality. I am still slightly tripping and my mind is going wild. At this point it was about 10pm. I knew I wasn't going to be able to sleep anytime soon because of the thoughts going through my head.

In the future I may do 6gs again but It sure won't be on an empty stomach. This is by far the closest thing I can understand to what everyone calls ego death. Next time I'm gonna do about 1.5gs and take a walk in the woods. 

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