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Bright Lights And In Flight

This was my 4th trip.

This was my 4th trip. I have done mushrooms about 15 times in total. Anyways, bare with me, I am really high on weed so hopefully my trip report will be understandable hehe.

Ok I decided to go to the liquor store to get some rye on this fine August day in 2002... I am living the great life..in the boonies...party central hehe....so my friend brought me to a local liquor store, and mistook what I had said about goin back home, but he decided to leave thinking I had money on me to get home..har..yeah..only debit and no cash back at this place..so I am stuck to hitch hike. hehe fun..NOT...anyways I got picked up about 10 minutes later (hey, this was the boonies so I think 10 mins in the boonies is pretty fuckin good haha) and these guys told me their names and that they were going to an outdoor summer party by the bay, they invited me to the party and they said, "hey do u want to score some shrooms?" And I'm like, "Hell yeah, but I gotta get to a bank machine", so they brought me into town, and I proceeded to take out enough for a quarter plus cab fare home haha..thinking for sure..don't wanna be stranded...anyways I get the shrooms and we end up at this party and I see a friend of mine there so we decide to hang out and I told her that I had shrooms and she's like, "shit yeah!", and I asked if she wanted to do some,and she said sure, so we met up with the guys that gave me a ride, and we all split the quarter around 10:30-11pm...well I got most of it (I think about 2.5g..there were 4 of us..so they had about a gram and a half each roughly) anyways...so time passes and I decide to smoke some weed (I am chronic so I have my weed with me all the time) and this was around Midnight, then we started smoking and I started feeling the effects of the shrooms hit me, BANG like I was totally detached from reality for a split second. I felt this traumendous (sp?) feeling that the shrooms were trying to manipulate my eyes and it felt as though the shrooms were making them bulge to see things clearer...hard to explain...but anyways, It was a very unpleasant feeling, sort of like waves, and this big, bang shroom feeling coming over me...but anyways to say the least, but I said to my friend quietly, "I'm starting off rocky, wanna sit and chat so I can calm down a bit?"

She was sympathetic, and we started talking, inside on the couch and the tv was doing some wierd morphic light changing fucked up shit that was trippin me out a bit, and then this lady comes up to us and asked if I was alright, and I said that I was just fine, just feeling a little sick, and she thought I was drunk so she left us alone. After that, I felt better and from then on, about 20 minutes into my trip from come up my trip got amazingly awesome.

So around 12:45 We were sitting in front of a HUGE ASSED fucking bonfire overlooking the glistening bay (we were on a big hill with bushes and stuff, and we were about 2 miles from the bay) and we could see across the bay and all I cold see were pink,purple,orange,green blue and red lights shining off of the water and it was sparkling as if it was inviting me to jump in and swim. I looked around at everyone in the circle and I stared at this one guy who had a HUGE smirk on his face and was staring right at me,and I thought "he knows I'm on shrooms..he's reading my mind...then I thought that I thought I could play with his mind and think of some funny stuff to think of reguarding him, and if he could read my mind, see how he would react.....well I swear at the same time I thought that particular thought, he started just looking at me weird as if he had actually read what I was thinking and he smiled, and all of a sudden I started laughing my ass off....so I calm down from my giggle phase, which had to have lasted a few minutes and my trip buddies are lookin at me and just shaking their heads and laughing. So now, which I'm guessing is around 2am now the trip is rolling along very smoothly and and I'm cose to my peak and things are getting REALLY intense and wild, but in a fantastic way...

I'm guessing around 2:30 I started hitting my peak and all of a sudden I felt like I was flying through the sky with the wind blowing through my whole body as if I was translucent and flying over the lake with the water glistening all sorts of clolors and felt as though my spirit had been freed of all the bad things that had affected everyday life and got rid of all the junk and rejuvinated myself......THEN! ..all of a sudden, my friend was RIGHT in my face, and I snapped out of it, and my friend said, "wtf? you have not said a word for like 20 minutes" and I said "I just had an out of body experience..I wasn't even here.....try it" and they just laughed and said "I dont' think we're as tripped out as you are dear" lol....so I go into the house and proceed to trip (actually trip, not hallucinate) over shoes and fall on my face with my friend behind me and I'm laughing that I'm almost pissing myself..so I manage to get up (I still don't remember how I did...and I go into the bathroom becuase I have to do what people do when they drink alcohol lol) and the walls were BRIGHT purple and were waving and swirling and turning spotty and rainbowy, and there was this really bright yellow light above the sink's mirror. I looked in the mirror and my face turned innocent like a child and thought I saw something escaping through my whole body and that I was just a "Host" of some kind of being inside my body, and it got a little unpleasant and I said "ok, starting ego loss..relax, you're good" and then from then, I was with my friend and my new trip friends and my friend had this big assed grin on her face and that grin made my trip switch from uneasy to just fabulous again....

I started drinking madly now...I had to have had half of my 26er in like 2 hours...anyways, we sat down and I started to look at the fire and it was as if it was dancing...trying to entertain me...I felt like it was staring at me and smiling. I was like,"wtf? ok now I'm really seein things haha" and I just started laughing so hysterically that I fell out of my chair and everyone started laughing and I'm just on the ground howling and my friend had to lift me up and I sat back down and she's like "ok yeah, she's on shrooms" and everyone said in sync (or at least sounded like it) "we know" but it wasn't a bad atmosphere..it was just like, just fucking chill and do anything you want, nothin can go wrong....

well around 4:30am I started to feel as though my body was coming down from flying around the whole universe. It was an amazing experience. This trip and my first trip wre probably the best trips I have ever had. After we came down my friends told me that I was talking jibberish to myself and flapping my arms as though I was flying (hense the flying feeling haha) and they were just laughing about it. It was a very good experience.

I crashed and the next day got a ride home Great night.

Now, I have not done shrooms in over a year because of some mental disorders that have possibly risen early from the mushrooms, so I do not do them because of these particular disorders (bad trips caused them..panic disorder is one), but if you can handle losing touch with reality, I recommend shrooms for sure. I may someday venture into the shroom world, but for now, I am on break Have a Shroomy Day everyone!

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