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Sleep, Sex & Magic Mushrooms

Pan Cyans shared between a couple


Me and my gf are 29 years of age, and I've been with her for a little over 2 years at this point, and during that time I've seen her drunk a sum total of 2 times. She had never tripped before on anything, and I myself had not tripped for around 3 years prior to this day. I have much experience with LSD, truffles, mushrooms, 2bd and 2ci, to name a few substances from my past, so I know what was in store tonight for us both, or at least, I thought I did..

I had picked the mushrooms myself a few days before, let them dry under a fan before grinding them up and storing them within honey, and putting that mixture into the freezer. For some reason I was scared that they would degrade and or become mouldy otherwise. The fact that they were stored in honey may have made the onset a lot slower due to the fact that the stomach had to work through the gloopy mess to get to the fruits. I had no scales so I basically eyeballed it and I actually it turned out we had a little less than I thought.


For some reason I decided to take them at night as we were both free the next day so could stay up late, although now thinking about it, ingesting them in the day would have been best. We both ate down our sticky honey Pan Cyan contents, myself having roughly double what my gf had as it was her first time. We basically chomped down the contents at 12 Midnight. I went to prepare some lemongrass tea because I find it helps any kind of nausea or stomach cramping whilst taking mushrooms. My gf was in bed playing on her phone. 

When I returned it was 12:10 and I could feel that I had ingested something that was a shock to the system, that notorious sensation when you swallow a potent substance such as mushrooms, MDMA and so forth. It sort of feels as if you're about to go on stage to thousands of people, or you're at the top of a rollercoaster free-fall drop. At around 12:30 I noticed that my head was becoming increasingly light on the very top, and the rest of my body was beginning to feel very heavy as it so often does with mushrooms. I asked my gf how she felt, and she stated that she felt a bit intoxicated, but no visuals yet. 

At 12:40 I noted that by now visuals should be obvious, as I paid close attention to the sounds by stomach was making, churning its way through the honey gloop. I figured that the honey really must have delayed on the onset which kind of sucked, but just at that moment I noticed that the walls were ever so slightly starting to breath, and what dim light there was in the room, was starting to give objects that colourful 'fuzz' that appears when a trip is incoming. It was obvious that my thoughts were not that of somebody sober, but I was very happy that I was not the least bit anxious. I often used to have major anxiety attacks on trips, especially at the start. But tonight things felt different. I got into bed with my gf and lay down with her resting on my chest in the dimly lit, calm room. Rumbles of thunder started to appear outside with the odd flash of blue lightning (this was not a hallucination) 

Around the 1 hour mark I started to make out with my gf, slowly easing into the trip. I did not intend to have sex with my gf before the trip or when preparing for it, it didn't even really cross my mind, but that was what was happening, and I was instigating it. We kissed in a way that seemed as if the mushrooms were guiding us in a rhythm. I have had sex on mushrooms a couple of times in the past, long into the past, so I had pretty much forgotten what it was like. But to spare you all of the details, it was very intense and intimate, and around 1:40am we had to stop because our bodies were physically tired and heavy from the mushrooms, and things started to become a distraction. However, the sexual experience was really profound and there was a strong connection between us that I feel only the mushrooms could have brought on. Not that we don't have a strong connection anyway, but this was different. 

It was at this point that I went to take a shower and so did my gf. I asked her how she was feeling, and she told me that her body felt really heavy and slow, but she felt good. She tried to attribute it to being kind of drunk but slightly different in feeling, I figured she doesn't really have any kind of reference point seeing as she has never used any other substance before in a recreational manner, and that her dose tonight must have been pretty low. But was the honey delaying things even further? 

At around 2:00am we both got back into bed with the bathroom light being the only source of light in the room. It was a very cozy environment, full of positive vibes and contentment. The straight lines where the door connects to the wall started to wave and become more vibrant for me, I always use such methods to gauge how far gone I am into a trip. I figured at this point that things were not going to get anymore intense than this, and I was happy with that. Instead of chasing some kind of hallucination visual frenzy, I was content and happy, cozy with my gf in bed. 

2:15am my gf had said before we took the mushrooms that she was quite tired from work, but we decided to trip anyway. She stated that she may fall asleep after she takes them, to which I laughed and said you won't fall asleep on magic mushrooms. To my astonishment, sure enough, she was pretty much asleep on my chest! How could this be.. I moved a little and she woke up, to which I questioned her about any visuals. She said she saw 3 coloured 'things' moving when she closed her eyes, which I thought was fairly tame. Maybe I should have given her more for her first dose, but she seemed content enough which is the main thing. When I closed my eyes, I saw evolving patterns that were pretty colourful, and it was almost as if I was taken to a different world when I closed my eyes and became engrossed in the visuals. When I opened them again, I noted that the pictures on the wall were morphing slightly, and the blue flashes of lightning looked super cool, almost as if the energy produced by them was entering the room in full force, but not in an aggressive manner, more an appreciation of mother nature. The thunder was in the distance and so also wasn't threatening. In fact, if I could have chosen to make the lightning and thunder stop, I wouldn't have done. I liked it being here with us tonight. 

2:25am I lay there with my eyes closed, playing with my gfs hair whilst she relaxed on my chest, pretty much asleep. This is about when I also drifted off to sleep! Yes, asleep, 2 and a half hours after dosing Pan Cyans. This is new to me as I've never wanted to sleep on mushrooms, and pretty sure it was impossible. I guess however that the factors involved such as being tired before hand, having intense sex, and the mushrooms being a somewhat low dose, all contributed to us being able to sleep. 


I woke up the next day at around 10am. I woke up first and took a shower. I had a very positive, refreshed feeling, and very happy about the fact that there was no anxiety whatsoever on the trip. But also that me and my gf connected in a profound way. When she finally woke up, she seemed in a very positive mood as well, very peaceful and innocent. Overall for the dose size and how late it was when we took it, I feel it was a super positive experience, and maybe the coziness of the night and being in bed together made it simply perfect. The only downside was waking up to an army of ants on the bedside table that had discovered the left over of the honey concoction..

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