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Jewish/Christian perspective after LSD with DMT blast

Love vs hate

So since my last trip report I have tripped a few more times. I came to the same conclusion as before. Those beings of the spirit are not good. 

They try to appear attractive and wise to keep you coming back. They are like parasites that feed off our light. They hate us, if you ever get there while tripping or mediating they flock to you like moths to a flame. They want to attach to our physical and spiritual selfs. Half the time you won't know if they did. They are weak but will grow in strength the longer you let them ride with you. If your ever there and question them, or mention god/heaven they will immediately lie and become hostile at disagreement. 

When you realise What they show is not representative of that reality they get mad and show there true selfs. They are us, the djin, and the fallen. You will never meet the light ones while tripping. Meditation maybe you just have to vector them in from above, but be careful. They could be faking so test.

Any ways I know this way of thinking isn't very popular in the community, and events in life may suggest dabbling is harmless. When looking in the short term its hard to discern. In the long term it can be very apparent how one can lose there path to light. A good indicator is looking at your relationships in life where true love lye. When they decay suffering follows. They feast off fear and suffering. Love wins.

P.S I know almost 0 people here have this perspective and that's fine. I don't expect to chance anyones mind here. I just want this theological position out here. My biggest hope is that you consider this theological position that has existed for over 10000 years If you think differently I still love you. The word is true, the light is true, god is good!

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