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mix of wet and dry cubes

Texas yellow caps and Treasure Coast

So this was a while ago, my girlfriend and I were sitting in my room we had gone camping for the night before hand but the next day we didn't check the weather beforehand and it was cloudy and raining so we went home

I took 5g fresh, and then 4.0g of 80% dry (which I would drink coke before I put a full small shroom in my mouth and then swallow the coke so I wouldn't taste the mushrooom at all) which were starting to turn black, parts of them dark blue and almost black, smelling terrible I knew they wouldn't last another day or two at most, after that I know that psychedelics never go to plan with me, so I decided to go get in a shower while they kicked in, I was in there for about 15 minutes, my vision was getting brighter, and everytime I trip I start to feel them kick in I always get a heavier and heavier body load and feel like I can go to sleep until it feels like I can't move and have to just lay down otherwise I have to breathe really hard because everything is so labored and difficult to do physically.

So I get out of the shower and look at my pupils which were slightly larger which made sense because I was starting to breathe harder until I get into my room where it starts to sort of get into a bad trip slightly after I put clothes on and turn on despicable me 3, it just seemed to me that that movie was just not giving me good vibes and it just wasn't a good movie in general, so my girlfriend and I watch that for 30 minutes or so until I can't take it anymore because my stomach is also hurting so I was scared that there was something wrong with the shrooms, so that made me think that something could happen to me like they were poisned or something, visuals were starting to get wavy so everything was sort of vibrating slightly and had some slight tracers, during the movie I paused it and laid down on my desk looking at the floor, and I saw some 2d geometry that was there but at the same time wasn't there, and it sort of had a spiral going out, but it was divided into squares with roman numerals in them, each different colors, blue, orange, yellow

At this point I'm starting to really going down a bad path about 45 minutes or an hour in, just barely before I turned off Despicable Me 3, and in my mind I'm thinking about how I really don't wanna do this and it's just going to end bad and that I was tripping for the wrong reasons and it just wasn't right, so I knew at that point I had to throw them up before it got any worse and it would be an absolute nightmare, so I have a trash can in my room and since my stomach already hurt and I had some nausea I decided since I had throw up some shrooms in there earlier a couple times, just one or two shrooms each it and it smelled horrible, so I told my girlfriend "Hey put your headphones in right now if you don't wanna hear me throw up." so she turned some music on and I was about 2 feet above the garbage can and sniffed some of that awful smell in, I dry heaved a couple times before continuing to throw up 3 times and get all the shrooms out of my stomach, after that I felt like I couldn't be poisoned anymore and that I was safe, so I felt like I was ok and we had switched the movie to Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 and the music made everything better and the movie was funny and made me laugh so after that I laughed a ton at that movie and the visuals kept vibrating while I sat in my chair

This entire time my gf was laying down on my bed while I sat down on a chair, so I moved over to my bed and I couldn't kiss her because I still had throw up mouth and we just laid there while I still had slight visuals and while we finished the movie

Either way, I realized that that shrooms need to be properly dried and since I haven't had shrooms in a while I will had to go a lot light with them so I can get a feel for them and figure out some more ways to help me have a better trip and just relax since now I sort of realized as well that shrooms are not something you can take willy nilly, I thought I had prepared but I really didn't, and thought my first time back I could take so many and I thought I was still being respectful and that I could totally handle whatever was dished out like it was nbd, boy was I wrong and I'm glad I found out before they had all kicked in and I would've just been in nightmare land in sheer terror and having a panic attack and possible have things end very badly

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