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Boy was I FUCKED ... with a capital "F"!!!!

Last weekend was my second time trying mushrooms.

Last weekend was my second time trying mushrooms. I did it a couple weeks ago for the first time, but I only did about 3 grams and they weren't very potent. This time, I was definitly planning on doing more and buying them from a different source. Me, my friend Elaine (it was her first time doing them), Joel, and Jeff (who have both done them many times) all ate them - me, Jeff, and Joel eating 4 each and Elaine eating 2 (she's really tiny). After about half an hour, I was starting to trip. We were chilling at my friend Chris' house along with some other people. One of my really good friends, Rob, was there too. He had a firecracker which he set off as I was beginning to trip. Holy shit!!!! That was awesome. After, me, Jeff, Elaine, and Joel went to chill in my car. I got a new CD deck put in that has visual graphics on it (like dolphins, race cars, different patterns, etc.) I was tripping hard as we were listening to Pink Floyd (a trip and a half on its own anyways). I was staring at the patterns that the ice made on my car windows. They started moving and swirling. It was fucked. I looked at Elaine, it was like I could see the out line of her body but inside were shapes - triangles, squares, circles - all moving around like bacteria under a microscope. We went back into the house, and I looked at Chris's wood cabnet and at the wood grains. They, just as the snow crystals, started moving around like a kleidoscope. They looked like tiny water droplettes swirling around. i got Rob to drive me and Elise and Burton to a restaurant. Teh whole drive there I felt like I was in a cartoon. The streets and other cars looked so "fake". I was really weird - hard to explain. Everywhere I went, I kept hearing my cell phone ring, even though it didn't. Finally, when I was coming down from my trip at about 2 am (i ate them at about 10 pm) we smoked about 4 grams of weed between us. I was fucked once again. Smoking weed while comeing down from a mushroom trip is one of the best highs I've had - very relaxed. Plus, the visuals were coming back which was awesome. When me and Elaine got to my house, I lay in my bed for about an hour. i couldn't sleep. I kept seeing shapes swirling around and patterns. What a great time.

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