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Cannabis, LSD, and/or Shrooms

Which psychedelic should I take?

Okay here is my model of which psychadelic (mind manifesting)  to take, based on only my experience.  

Ultimately it depends on what your objectives are.  These are not the only label uses but I would use the term default mode, in other words with all else being equal what would distinguish each one from the other:

  • LSD
    • Psychoanalytic - want to experience your birth?
    • "Trippy" - see clocks turn into owls or intense color lasers through your eyes?
    • Microdose - good while exercising can help open up new connections in your reality for creative thought.
    • Ultimately felt like a headspace only I did not feel a full body reverberation like you do on shrooms or cannabis
    • There is a come down where you get a little attitude towards others
  • Cannabis
    • Sativa is my only experience and was nice by itself with 5 tokes (probably too many tokes)
    • Could really hear Terrance on what he was saying while you are high
    • I was too sensitive to the paranoia maybe too high of a THC and a NOOB
    • Tried LSD and Cannabis together and that was a SERIOUS mistake..paranoia drove to me actually get in my car and drive to throw away the cannabis because I thought I was creating my reality to such an extent that the police were going to come in while I was tripping and make an arrest...terrible.
    • I probably could write well with it but the paranoia was just too much and made me dizzy and sedated..cloudy is the best description I could give.
  • Mushrooms
    • This is what you want
    • Clarity, creativity, provides a reducing valve to your ego, it is an expanding on consciousness tool...definitely my favorite and safest.
    • If you want a built in teacher/ life coach and improve all your senses and safe this is the way to go.
    • The come down is actually better than the build up and you are actually nicer to be around.

Obviously I am bias towards Mushrooms but I think this is our revolution for which Jefferson said every generation must have.  I appreciate the beatniks and hippies but we have not formed our identity, I is us this affinity group -  you reading this.  Create Art and use the mushroom symbiotic relationship.  You created the mushroom tool for just this purpose so use it, your ego would put a label on it and fight with you about it so put a reducing valve on it with 5 dried grams.  You can turn on and tune in but you don't have to drop out (unless you want to of course), this revolution is ninja style and happens with symbiosis and creates a new society with new language from Alfred North Whitehead.  See the way forward is philosophy where without ego we can have discourse on how to use these tools for the betterment of our experience in this life for the boundaries edge of knowledge.

Synthetic vs. Natural

I have to say there is a difference, synthetic also has the problem of potential overdose while natural will not.  In other words how much ergot, psilocyin, or cannabis would you have to eat to die check out the LD50 you will see almost impossible because you could not consume it fast enough.  Synthetic all you have to do is get your decimals wrong and see ya enjoy the next life experience on your next round.

That's it for now.

Lessons of Yawns


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