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Prep for Level 5

Lesson 101 How to Prep

Okay this is it, go time.  Here is what you need to prepare starting at 5g, less than 5 grams some of these still apply but really helpful once you do 5g and beyond.  Here are some basic principles: 

  • Pre Trip (Set & Setting): 
    • I know, I know everyone says this...but worth remembering.  I like to write down what my goals are for set, because once you are in the throws of the trip circular logic will occur as you begin to battle it out with your ego.
    • Direction setting is really a life principle that you can learn the hard way if you do not prepare for the trip.  It should not constrain you to how you will learn the lesson but is goal setting only to get you out of the fractal loops which are hilarious.
    • Setting -  I like being alone at night when everyone is already settling for bed so I will not be disturbed.  When you get disturbed it can ground you or cause alarm for others so best not put yourself in that situation to begin with.
  • Trip (4 hours)  (more profound in your first few trips but tapers considerably after more than a few): 
    • Without fail - 45min is the onset.  I don't play with teas or extraction nonsense that is just a ritual no need to make the thing more complicated then it should be.  I find I can do anything up to the 45min mark and then strap on your seat belts.
    • Throwing up - this will only happen if you are eating terrible or have alcohol or some such nonsense in your system.  Usually I don't eat for 4-6hrs and that works pretty good for keeping me open to the experience.  Also, you will come to love the taste of mushrooms if you do them enough (say 100 times of micro dosing). 
    • There is a build up from your toes to your head, and a resonating frequency I like to call "The Phase Shift" it is shifting your state of mind.  Your senses are widening.
    • So much Yawning...I had to come to terms with this and consider every yawn a new connection in my brain for which oxygen was needed.
    • In your first trip there is laughter (hysterical and uncontrollable in the beginning) because you see the silliness of your reality in fractal loops.
    • There is saliva but never really bad just a little slobber.
    • You will have an internal build of energy - doing yoga moves really helps or just dancing.
    • Get some bluetooth headphones with a mic so you can listen to music (go symphony at first hard to beat) also have your apps easy to access for music and microphone in case you want to record thoughts while tripping.
    • Have a pen and paper close by to jot down random thoughts.
    • Time slows in the trip and it directly correlated to dosage.  I found at 12g it was something like 1 min tripping felt like 30 minutes of experience.
    • You will have to pee so have water to hydrate (not anything with additives it will be hard to swallow) - think "Pee = Progression"  So everytime you have to pee which will be a journey (trust me) drink water right afterwards to stay hydrated.  If you do large doses (12g and up) be prepared to take a cold shower because you might feel a little heated but should have  a sitter in this situation anyways to help you.
    • Don't be afraid of the mirror.  This is a great place to see infinity in yourself if you get scared make a funny face.  You will have great learnings here.
    • Don't put any expectations on the trip, bottom line is you are not in control it always gives you what you need not and rarely what you thought you wanted.
    • Don't be worried about bad trips it just means you have a lot of work to do and it is working harder to help you.
  • Post Trip (4 hours)
    • Okay it is come down time.  PLEASE record your thoughts at the 4 to 6 hour mark, set a timer on your phone and voice record or write.  Trust me a lot of it you will remember but if you can record how you felt you will thank yourself later (like months and years later).
    • Post trip is about grounding yourself so here are some ways: 
      • Sugar and Fats ( Peanut Butter and Jelly Combo have been my go to for a LONG time - no bread)
      • Drink Water 
      • Walk around
      • Record your thoughts
    • See the come down is magnificent and relevant to your dosage 5g and up you really should be prepared to be completely exhausted the following 12 hours.  You will most likely want to lay in bed and rest.  If you are in the 10g (dried of course) arena it may take you a week to really get back to baseline, certainly the next 48 hours you are trying to just put on your pants, brush your teeth and figure out how to operate your monkey body.
    • You will want to tell everyone but will get the indication quickly that others (especially who have not had the experience) will think you are mad.  So SHUT UP no need to go blabbering your mouth it will just setup an attack from the collective ego consciousness, rather a more productive means is ART - spoken word (poetry), writing, painting/drawing, and music (maybe math as well), this is the way forward.  Some resources: 
      • Erik Satie - Music
      • William Blake - Poetry
      • Android Jones - Art 

Hope some of this helps...

Lessons of Yawns


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