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Models need to be made

Best way to help others is model your experience

Okay so here is the deal.  Models need to be made for the experience to help others who are bound by their ego completely and lack the courage to take the first step.  Models are a trojan horse through the ego consciousness who is the bouncer at the front door, once it checks the logic it can pass through the first of many doors to follow.  I will begin first with my model which is based on experience alone (which is why it is in the trip report post) and no other accounts but I certainly have a perspective of what others have said through time.  By no means is mine the answer so don't believe anything I say just because only experience can give you the truth you seek.

So let's begin: 

* First: Why are you here?  State your objectives.  For me it was a capitulation moment in my life at age 36 where Jung describes as "loss of soul" which basically means I was raptured completely in the culture (western) which led to a robot/mechanistic life..you know what I am talking about.  I altered my consciousness the best I knew how with alcohol, pipe smoking, and sensual pleasure, but all of that was within the boundaries of cultural acceptance (nothing "illegal").

*Second: Took THC edibles in Colorado which really did nothing but made me sleep a ton and I took nothing from the experience so basically meaningless.  However, I do think some rewiring most of happened because I was watching YouTube with Dorian Yates interview speaking about DMT.  I searched DMT and found DMT Spirit Molecule which led me to Terrance Mckenna which I have now listened to all of his youtube lecutures...yes all, about 5 hours a day for 90 days.  I can almost recite this lectures at this point.  Also read Jung, Allegro, Eckhart, Lazlo and a few others.

*Third: Learned how to grow Mushrooms.  Youtube can help you here.  Started with jars and moved to monotubes.  Took about 6 months to really perfect it (in other words grow a shit ton), but you can get some in about 30-60 days..don't rush it, use the time to read and buy a microgram scale!!!!!

*Fourth: Took the first leap.  Started with 5 dried grams which was the best.  It is always nice to the beginner with great laughter and insights customized to you.  It is only tough if you are a dick, you know the type speeds past others on the road even when you are both headed to a red light, drives a stupid over hyped truck, is concerned about how others look and judges them accordingly..etc.  Women you have it too with the material world and power trips so this is for everyone.

*Fifth: Record all different types of dosages: This is what I have: 

  • 0 - 0.2g: Cannot feel much but very helpful can read here nicely, great at work.
  • 0.2 - 0.5g: Hard to read but can listen to Terrance, Breaking Convention, Psychedelic Conferences, etc.  also good with audio books (aldous huxley of course - download a webster dictionary app)
  • 0.5-1g: Don't drive is best could if had too but best not.  Can write pretty well and listen to music is nice.
  • 1 - 3g: Really about experience and less about recording although you may have some insights you will try to write down.  Drink water, listen to bach or erik satie you will thank me later :) 
  • 3 - 5g: At this point you really want to be at home by yourself in darkness or outside on your back patio safe and really not being interrupted.  There is a difference between closed eyes and open eyes so you might want to experience both.  You can go outside and look at the sky as well as be in the dark in your bedroom.  You still can get up and go the bathroom so don't worry about blacking out or anything like that.
  • 5g-7g: more of the same just a little more intense.
  • 7g and beyond: Max for me is 12g which is essentially accepting death.  See it is not real physical death but your ego is fighting until you say it is okay.  Once you say it is okay you realize you are the creator of this reality...wait what!!!  

Yes pretty simple.  Here is the overarching model I will contribute: 

  • 0-7g: Self Help --> Cures alcoholism, depression, and has a built in teacher for improving your experience in this life.
  • 5-8g: Mystical --> Just a ton of mystical experiences (yes even aliens) but all of it is just a construct of your ego..yes even TM was stuck here.
  • 8g and Beyond --> Revelation of who you truly are and that we are all quantum entangled from a source of imagination with fractal reverberations that transcends space and time and that we choose this experience because we constructed this bio-matrix to seek the boundaries of knowledge that can only be found at the edge of experience.

Once you get to the top you realize you are energy (martin ball - non-duality with 5-Meo), then the question becomes what do you do with it.  See once you (you and me and we) have the answer you can then begin to map what to do with it.  I think it might be...well we will save that for another post.  :) 

Lessons of Yawns..out!


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