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First 4-AcO-DMT (30mg of "synthetic mushrooms"/ Psilacetin) experience with dank

Panic, bliss and self discovery

It was 7 o clock in the evening. I had just finished viewing an art gallery with a friend of mine named "Ronald". We decided to go for a walk afterwards and ended up close to an old friend named "Rats" house. I called "Rat" asking if he wanted to meet up. "Rat" explained that he was at a friends house, shroomed up and that we should join him.

We got to "Tigers" house, took the 4-AcO-DMT and played 4-man Mario kart waiting for the effects to kick in. The first thing I began to notice after around 25 minutes was that my hamstrings started tingling, this tingling sensation became more pronounced as time went on spreading over entirely across my legs and eventually to my upper body. My depth perception slowly started to change, it felt like objects were closer than they usually would be. After about 50 minutes I started to get the visuals, plain walls seemed to have an overlay over them, as if there was a magical wallpaper over them which only I was able to see, even as i walked around the room the overlay stayed in its exact position and did not change. Things then began to seem as if they were breathing very gently. I really enjoyed the visuals as  they were very smooth in their nature in comparison to LSD for instance which I find to be more "splodgey" meaning it appears and very quickly disappeared. I was starting to really feel the effects, my stomach felt a little bit nauseous however this soon passed, we decided to roll up some loud and go to a nearby park.

I really liked the mental aspects of the trip at the start, it felt as if i was able to see myself from 3rd person and judge myself from a neutral perspective, it was a great tool for self analysis as it helped me identify aspects of my personality which need to change for my own personal growth. I also found it very easy to imagine exactly how other people are feeling, this is something i struggle a bit with in everyday life as i'm not a very empathetic person. I wont go into the specifics of my realizations as the details are very personal. However I do want to share this...
I realized that in my everyday life I was dismissing knife crime as not being a threat as I couldn't understand why a sad soul would feel the need to stab and kill someone, it just didn't make sense to me, I now realize that this is no reason to not think that it would not happen to me and I should be more careful before I start chatting shit to a stranger or start staring dodgy characters down.

Fast forward now, around an hour and half had passed and I finished smoking the spliff, I remember closing my eyes and having amazing close-eyed visuals, of random colourful patterns and arrangements of shapes rotating and switching colours. I remember having a beautiful thought that different characteristics of our personalities manifest themselves in different arrangement of shapes, and these complex visuals were allowing me to see these traits individually eg. confidence. I understand that most people won't really understand this because it sounds like a load of bollocks, but maybe someone has felt similarly and may be able to expand on this.

20 minutes after the spliff we went to Tesco's to buy some food, at this point everything was becoming super intense for me as I began peaking, it had also been a while since I last smoked so the weed hit me really hard and I began feeling these bursts of panic. I was very disorientated and started to get quite paranoid because there seemed to be a lot of people around and to add to this all I got a text from my dad telling me to come home to fill out bank documents, this made me spiral off into a panic attack - this is the first time in my life that i had felt this much discomfort, not even 500ug of LSD made me feel this way -

...Then all of a sudden it all clicked. As I stared into my phone screen paying attention to the "swishy-swooshy" visuals I accepted the situation and I let it simply take me. I no longer felt anxious. I was at bliss. It was a profound experience.

The 4-AcO-DMT high felt very mental, the entire time I felt very talkative, constantly bouncing ideas and realizations back and forth between friends as we walked around, I felt very connected to everyone however there was always a subtle underlying anxiety behind it all because I had to sober up and fill out bank documents soon. I barely paid attention to the visuals, only when the conversation died down and I zoned off at something. Throughout the whole experience I felt very tired and often was overcome with huge urges to yawn, which felt fantastic, the most relaxing yawns of my life. I also felt my brain working completely differently to how it usually would and felt as if it was being permanently rewired, however in a good way, it felt as if I was not able to see things which I would usually overlook. I definitely had an after glow effect when I finally came down however still struggled to fall asleep till early morning however this wasn't much of a concern as I really enjoyed the close-eyed visuals and the creative thoughts I was getting. 

Great experience, would definitely try 4-AcO-DMT again but I would not advise combining it with weed.

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