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It all started with a bag much anticipated by a friend.

It all started with a bag much anticipated by a friend. We planned at eating at a party hosted by a good friend. A girl I was friends with had never tripped before, and wanted to but was scepticle. Once I convinced her of all the great trips I had off mushrooms she eagerly was all for it. We both got out of work late that night and raced to my friends to go pick them up . We felt after a hard days work we both needed a little pick me up. Once we got them we went to the party which turned out to be not a party at all but a few people sitting there drunk and unable to move. A friend of a friend dexided to come with us, and immediatly after getting into the car offerd a cup of Captain Moe. Gladly I took the cup and finished before we got there. Feeling a buzz I walked in and offerd whoever wanted to smoke me up a couple times some mushrooms of their very own. My good friend immediatly sprang to the proposithon and the six of us walked up stairs to smoke some pot. Once everyone started to come I relized it was time to eat. My friend wasn't gonna eat until we got back to her house. So the guy that was having the party ate with me. We both felt it all of the sudden like a ton of bricks and very soon after eating. I couldn't figure out if it was the Pot the captain or the mushrooms but I didn't care. My friend kept begging me to stay at his house but I all of the sudden saw myself not being able to walk so I sat back down. Both my friend and I tripping hard dominated the conversations with our sensless talk. I felt as though I was on stage tripping entertaining an adiance of sober people even though they weren't so sober themselves. I jumped up and decided I had to leave . I gave my tripping friend a big hug goodbye and told him to enjoy himself. I got in the car with my friend and ate another cap not knowing that it was my third or fourth cap of the night but I didn't care. I knew once I got in the car It would be the best or worst car ride of my life on the 45 minute ride on the back roads of Vermont. It turned out to be the best ride ever . I felt like I was strapped in a rollar coaster. I sat there pondering how dark it was outside, and how comfortable my seat was like I could just melt into It. My friend and I got to her house and she ate, about an hour later she felt it and hard. She started spreading lotion all of her face and blarred Pink Floyd. I started to go crazy, running around the house picking up all kinds of things like tissue paper and becoming completley engrossed in the objects. Colors were flying across the room and they were the brightest most flourescent colors I'd ever seen. Needless to say It was the longest and most visual trip I'd ever had.

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