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4000 ug LSD... 4MG!!

Litterly 4mg. Insanity

Before I get into this trip report I need u as the reader to underatand, Im someone who can handle some crazy things, And ive made some crazy decisions. This is somthing u should never attempt in the environment I was in. This is a trip report of the time I took 4000ug..
At the time I decided to take this much Ive taken LSD a few hundered times and I became obsessed with seeing how much I can take at 1ce to be able to take myself to a more beautiful world. Now I was working as a cook at Mcdonalds at the time, Ive tripped at work many times before this, I could handle tripping at work because my job was easy, Put hamburgers on the grill then put them in a tray. So ive tooken a full 10strip at work a few times before this. 
So anyway I get the LSD and I decide it was a great day to take a 10strip at work that day, So I took the 10strip and I had 30 left because I bought 40. I felt absolutely amazing about a hour later but I just didnt feel it enough. I thought about it some and decided "You know what, Might as well drop 1 more 10strip and see where that takes me" So I took 10 more. Thats 20 tabs of 100ug L while at work... About 1 hour after the 2nd 10strip I was gone. People at my work knew somthing was up, obviously you cant just take 20 tabs at work and not have people noticing. It wasnt that long after it was time for me to go home. So I made it home and my mom had told me she found all my weed and my pipes and everything, she put it in a box and said "I need u to get rid of all this shit dont ever have it in my house again" So I thought well I have 20 tabs in my pocket and alot of weed and I have to get rid of it. I wasnt about to throw it away so I took the other 20 tabs and went to the park and smoked all my weed. At this point it was about 3 hours after the first 10 strip and about idk mabey 2 hours after the second 10strip and there I sat with a big wad of LSD in my mouth... Its hard for me to remember this experience so bear with me im going to try to describe it the best I can. Somehow I made it home. My parents both knew I was tripping and high af. I just went straight to my room and said ok I got rid of all my weed. My dad ofentually busted through the door which startled me very bad and he looks at my pupils and screams at me somthing like this "Your doing that damn acid again, that shit is going to give u the mentality of a damn kid" And I said to him "Dont freak out I only took 40 tabs" And of course he freaked out because he could tell somthing wasnt normal at all about me. So this is the point when all 4 mg was running through my brain. I felt good but I was also kinda scared because this much LSD is so damn intense. Im going to try my best to explain the visuals. Imagine a anmaited cartoon, this cartoon has alot of bright oarnge and yellow colors. Things had a "Lava like" glow. The patterns, Like the patterns were absolutely crazy. Everything was alive and looking at me. I cant even describe what was going on in my mind because all I could think was just weird words that made no sence to me. I wish I could describe this betrer because this was somthing crazy but taking that much and mixing it with weed will cause the memory to be slightly lossed which makes it hard to try to explain it. I just layed in my bed feeling kinda paralized because everything was going wild and I couldnt move because it was just so intense. This would be my favorite trip if I could remember it more but sadly thats all I can remember so thats why my 15 tab trip was better because I could actually remember it. I dont really reccomend taking 40 tabs at 1 time because its just way too much and u wont be able to remember it that good. I had a great time tho but most people would go insane on that dose. Another thing to note is I have multiple personality disorder, psycosis, and depression and people always say people with my problems should never take LSD but it makes me stable and makes me love life. So would I ever take 40 tabs in 1 night again? Probibally not. Do I reccomend such a dose to others? Honestly its probibally not a good idea because it has a good chance to give u a bad trip from being too intense but I had a good time so if u can handle teleporting into another universe go for it. Anyways that sums it up for my 4mg experience. If anyone have ever took a dose like this let me know and tell me what yours was lile Id like to hear. Anyways have fun you all and stay safe PEACE.

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