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3 Tabs of LSD (Around 500ug) ALONE- Ego death

Negative experience with a positive outcome, great trip.

It was 15:08 on a sunny day, I placed 2 tabs of blotter in my mouth and sent a picture to some of my close friends. I began cleaning the house to occupy myself - in an attempt to not think too much/panic -
After I was done cleaning I jumped into the shower to relax myself. 20 minutes had elapsed, the 2 tabs had dissolved and so I decided to take the third tab. I laid down on the floor in my room and began
breathing slowly and deeply with my eyes closed waiting for the effects of Lucy to kick in. Around 40 minutes had elapsed and I opened my eyes, I noticed my depth perception change, the walls seemed to be further away than they'd usually seem. Next thing I noticed was the shadows in my room turn bright and shift and then turn dark again. I then looked up at my desk and started seeing moving kaleidoscopes across the entire wooden desk board. I tapped on the wooden desk and I repeated "take me deeper, take me deeper in." The plain beige carpet I had been laying on had so much kaleidoscopes on it that it looked like a handmade Arabic rug. I then looked out of my window (on the 5th floor) and it looked like the rows of houses were melting, it seemed as if they were elongated, the roofs of the houses looked like dripping paint within that "elongated" region.

At this point the trip really began settling in and I began feeling very lost and confused, quite disorientated, as if I forgot where I was, what I was doing, what I've lived through, at that moment of time I forgot
most things about myself - this feeling lasted for the next 7 hours, it intensified at the 2/3 hour mark which I'd probably call the peak of the trip but before I go into that there is one more thing I have to say...

I was sitting in my room and I heard a very loud noise, I thought it was coming from my hallway, it then got louder and louder and it seemed to be coming from my balcony, so I went out onto my balcony
and there was a Jewish wedding happening in the  downstairs car park and that completely bugged me the fuck out, I literally didn't know what the fuck was going on so I called  a friend of mine "Ronald" 
and he explained to me that it was a very strange thing but it wasn't anything to freak out over. I then watched the wedding, while laughing, sitting on the balcony in nothing but a pair of shorts - hahahaha.

After the wedding had ended, I got a phone call from a friend of mine "Turk" he told me he was very disappointed in me for dropping acid - the day before we had a deep chat and I told him I wanted to stop
taking drugs as I had been smoking weed everyday and began taking acid on a weekly basis. I walked in front of the mirror and began staring at myself, asking myself very deep questions and was being
a very hard critic of how I've been living my life recently, this completely shook me up -(I don't want to go into detail as this is very personal)- however I will say that it made me snap out of my previous daily/weekly routine, I came away with the attitude "I want more from this life, no more pissing about" and so far I've been sober since and I do not feel the desire to get high all the time anymore.
 - this experience made me reprogram my life -

I then got dressed and decided to walk around the park as I wasn't going to have a free house for much longer. At this point I was feeling really down and wanted the effects to just completely ware off so
I can be back to sober life and begin being productive. I want to say that the visuals at this point were ridiculous, amazingly beautiful. They were spanning my entire vision. I remember sitting down on a
bench in the park trying to firm up. My vision had a tint of red over it and it seemed as if everything was composed of tiny eyes of different shapes, sizes and colours, the trees, sky, grass seemed to all
blend into each other. However what was going on in my head was distracting me from these intense visuals. Inside my head was complete and utter confusion, I was so lost in my mind that I wasn't able to discern what was the reality that I was living in and I began to experience an ego death - I think at least -, I began thinking about confidence, and how people are attracted to confidence, this then led me to question: what are people confident about? I wasn't able to understand why people could feel confidence because no one truly knows what they're doing on this earth, thats why we're constantly searching for something new, exploring, experimenting. I remember feeling very confused, every thought which sprouted in my head felt like a contradiction.

I also want to add that time felt non-existent, time just felt like a blur, sometimes it'd pass very fast and sometimes very slow, I found it hard to understand how long 5 minutes was 
- but this is a very common effect, I usually get this at very low doses and i'm sure every one else does too -

It then got dark and my visuals seemed to have calm down a bit, I remember looking up at the moon and it looked like there were 5 different crescents in different shapes and angles overlaying each other,
it was a beautiful sight thinking back at it but at the time it didn't seem to have much significance to me due to my mind racing with these questions. I eventually decided to go home, on my way back I went
down a dark alley way with no light, I pulled out my rod to take a leak and the visuals made it seem like i was pissing on a black mans back.
- hahahaha, not even a troll, this actually happened -

When I got back home I began to watch YouTube videos, I put on Travis Scott - Butterfly effect and almost began crying with happiness because the song reminded me of reality and it made me remember
my life, I no longer felt lost. I was unable to sleep that night and was awake for the next 36 hours afterwards, I had a productive day the next day and still had light visuals which intensified again during the
night - it felt like I had dropped another tab - this sort of worried me but I told myself that I took a large dose and the drug hadn't fully cleared out of my body and is still probably binding to my serotonin
receptors and was able to avoid panicking.- That night I slept for 11 hours and in the afternoon went for another 6 hour nap.

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