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10g Golden Teacher

Mushroom of knowledge

My most recent mushroom trip was unusual yet divine . My boyfriend and I decided to grind up 22 grams of Golden Teachers mushroom strain one Friday afternoon. I gulped down 10 grams into a glass of orange juice and he gulped down the rest. I climbed into bed knowing the come up is always more intense/uncomfortable for me than it is for him as he set up an episode of Game Of Thrones for us to watch... (We were on season 6 and the episode was the Battle of the Bastards). To my surprise, the come up with so smooth, I barely noticed it creeping and within 25 minutes, the walls began to breath and more visuals began to form out of thin air. The air had intense colors such as oranges, pinks, yellows, and greens and took free shape of hyperbolic, warped space folding onto itself with a pattern similar to that of a reptile or a torus yantra. Even though these visuals were strong, my mind felt oddly clear headed and the nausea was not all that uncomfortable like I typically feel. Then, a louder than usual buzzing begins to pulsate through my ears and into my body. It instantly reminds me of that happy space before the breakthrough of DMT as the visuals intensified to colors and pattern like a DMTcircus. I turn to my boyfriend and describe what I am seeing and feeling. He is shocked how quickly I began to visually hallucinate and says he still barely feels like he is tripping... (this is typical as I believe his tolerance and expectations for visuals are too high). He gets up to go to the kitchen a bit frustrated that he's  not experiencing what I am experiencing. I follow him to the kitchen and I am surprised I am walking normally. I continue to describe what I see in the air which is now everywhere and surrounding me and him. I am then shocked I can articulately describe the experience in that moment to him. ( In my past experiences, my thoughts are clear in my head, but the moment they leave my lips, my words are often a jumbled and slow mess). We go back into the bedroom and begin watching The Battle of The Bastards. This episode should deeply disturb anyone as it is violently gruesome, ruthless depiction of war and death, but there I was with my eyes glued to the screen, in awe of how this episode was filmed to capture the horrific nature of war. I express that admiration to my BF and he is quite stunned I am able to sit though the episode without my trip going south. After that intense episode, we talked for a bit about our second mushroom trip we took together. We watched the movie Passengers (2016) and it was the most intense trip we've ever had and it set a benevolent path for our relationship... (Look out for future posts about this one!) So we decided to watch Passengers again. 
Here and there during the movie, I was engulfed in this all-loving, all-forgiving, all-knowing presence that had no gender, but intuitively felt female and reptile. She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I wanted to draw her, but felt unworthy of re-creating something so perfect. I say to her, (telepathically) how beautiful she is, and how I am unworthy to be in her presence, yet eternally grateful she is to reveal her true self to me.  I must have said this in my head a thousand times. I asked her to stay with me forever, even though I know she always is with me regardless if I am tripping or not, I asked her to leave me forever with a familiar mushroom feeling as if I am tripping long after the mushrooms have left. Wishful thinking. As my trip began to taper off, a pattern of the flower of life in black buzzed in my field of vision like a filter. This continued for the rest of the night until I fell asleep. I woke up with no mushroom feeling, but a grin from ear to ear and new inspiration for art. 

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